Machines Upon Every Flower - Can machines create art? 

A Book of artwork & poetry created by Artificial Intelligence.


Machines Upon Every Flower questions computational creativity in the massive new field of Artificial Intelligence. This book is the result of collaboration between Anteism, visual artist Gregory Chatonsky (artist-researcher @ Paris 8) and Karmel Allison (Founder of

By feeding a single word into Allison's Deep Gimble A.I., a poem is generated.  These poems are then interpreted by another Artificial Intelligence developed by Gregory Chatonsky, which produces artworks in response.

The result is an art book leading us to consider the artistic merit and creative potential of Artificial Intelligence.


Simultaneously, questions arise around the nature of human creativity itself and may further lead toward its demystification.

How will art change with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence?

How will Artificial Intelligence alter the way we create and perceive artwork?  How will this new development push the boundaries of established theory and practices in the arts? This book acts as a historical document or time capsule of artificial intelligence in 2017.

  • Beautifully letter-pressed cover by the Abricot Studio
  • Softcover, chapbook-style binding with cover flaps and silver  foil embossed title.
  • Interior printed on 100% post consumer paper
  • 15x22cm / 6x9"
  • 64 pages

Graviky Labs - Air Ink x Anteism Collaboration

Air pollution --> Ink --> Sketchbook.

AIR-INK is the world's first ink made out of air pollution. While working at MIT, Graviky Labs invented a device that captures air pollution from the exhaust of vehicles. This solid pollution is then purified and converted into safe, high-quality ink for art.

Anteism is excited to collaborate on the launch of Air Ink by producing custom screen printed sketchbooks for the kickstarter campaign. The covers of the sketchbooks will be silkscreened using Air Ink and will feature the artwork of the amazing crew En Masse.

Pickup a limited edition sketchbook and help Air Ink scale up it's production to help reduce dirty air emissions and give artists another tool to make beautiful things.

History of Magic - Alison Blickle

In her first book with Anteism, History of Magic, Alison Blickle relates a connection we all share with nature, our ancestors and the unseen worlds around us.  Strength, fearlessness and Sisterhood emanate from these images,  inducing pattern recognition and a sure sense of interconnectivity.

Paired with excerpts from writings on ceremonial magic by 19C French Occultist Éliphas Lévi,   Blickle delivers a genuine Mythos in this timeless body of work.

Below is a look-book with example pages from History of Magic. Purchase a copy of the book.

Augmented Reality For the Arts

Anteism's AR•BOOK is an augmented reality platform which allows for video, animation and 3d holograms to be viewable from the pages of a book.

Frances Adair Mckenzie's new book Glossed Over and Tucked Up is the most recent augmented reality project utilizing AR•BOOK. The following video showcases Mckenzie's new book as well as a 3D hologram/pop-up by sculptor Glen LeMesurier.

A Seat At The Table - Solange Knowles

Anteism & BookArt had the pleasure to work with Solange Knowles, her team and Sony/Columbia to produce a handmade limited edition hardcover book of lyrics and photographs for the surprise launch of the new album "A Seat At The Table".  This rare book was delivered to the first 86 people who subscribed to the artist's newsletter. To the thousands of subscribers that missed the first 86 seats at the table, checkout the book online at



Scorpion Dagger Augmented Book of .GIF Animations

What is an augmented book?

An augmented book looks and feels like a traditional book. Using a specialized app and tablet/phone the viewer can trigger multimedia such as animations by viewing the book through their device’s screen.

With this technology we bring the printed pages of James Kerr's Scorpion Dagger book to life. View his hilarious .gif animations through the screen of your phone while flipping through a finely crafted collectable art book. Help make it happen!

Vojtěch Kubašta paper engineer and pop-up book designer

Beautiful pop-up books and innovative paper engineering by Czech artist Vojtěch Kubašta 


When the communist government nationalised the entire publishing industry in 1948, Kubašta had to search for new venues to market his artistic talent. He was involved in designing advertising materials for Czechoslovak products abroad. He created three-dimensional cards that advertised porcelain, sewing machines, pencils, Pilsner beer, sunglasses, and other products. Every Christmas season, he designed and illustrated a new crèche in which he captured the Czech traditional Christmas setting. In 1956, he designed his first fairy tale pop-up bookLittle Red Riding Hood. Kubašta offered this pop-up book to the Prague-based ARTIA publishing house for publication. ARTIA was a state-owned foreign trade corporation.


During the years that followed, Vojtěch Kubašta's three-dimensional books made him the publishing house's best-known book designer and illustrator. His pop-up books have been published in 24 different languages and 35 million copies have been sold. Today, original editions of his illustrations and books are sought after by collectors from around the world.

Ken Carbone Curiously Curious Journals

The importance of artist journals and sketch books 

Journals are one of the most important tools for an artist/scientist/musician... to slow down and capture inspiration. The ideas generated may not be ready for development but can be re-discovered at a later time. The Curiously Curious journals of Ken Carbone are a perfect example. After witnessing the private journals of Paul Gauguin, Carbone began creating journals for his ideas and the happenings around him. Carbone uses a basic store bought journal and transforms the book by adding a leather cover which he customizes using leather dyes.

Artist Book Submission - Homeward Bound Zine

Over the years Anteism has been sent a bunch of great art books and zines. We appreciate people sharing their work with us and want to highlight these past and future submissions. We will be showcasing these books/zines on our blog. The most recent submission is ...

A zine about train art and skateboarding in the gateway to the interior of British Columbia

Homeward Bound is a half page art zine focusing on railroading and skateboarding with a mix of original illustrations and photography by S.W. Blake.

• Colour stock cover 
• Grayscale printing 
• 32 pages 
• 8.5 x 5.5 inches 
• Staple bound

Pick up a copy of Homeward Bound

Submit your art book or zine to the library.

If you are interested in sharing your art related book or zine please send a copy to the address on our contact page.  We make every effort to showcase the titles we feel our readers will enjoy. All donated submissions will remain in a public art book library which is exhibited through OuterSpace Gallery