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Artist "Other" aka Troy Lovegates' Art Book

Other: The Artwork of Troy Lovegates. - Artist Book

This book highlights Other's artwork from walls and trains all over the world.

Book Cover - Other: The artwork of Troy Lovegates

Other: The Artwork of Troy Lovegates is a book of photographs showcasing the artist's work and experiences along the way. From oil stick characters on the side of trains, wheat pasted posters, large scale murals and snapshot photographs.

• 5"x7" • 72 Full Colour Pages • Acid Free - Heavy Weight Matte Paper • Hand Printed - Art Stamped Title Page

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Artist Information:

Canadian Troy Lovegates aka Derek Mehaffey aka Other began painting on the streets around 1988 after noticing graffiti on the buildings in Toronto that would magically appear overnight. Also around this time he developed a love for rail travel, therefore it was natural for him to begin displaying his art on trains. His rail work became part of a nomadic culture that stretches as far back as the 1800s. Transients, train workers, and soldiers originally developed the tradition of inscribing their names on the trains they used to roam around the country. Many of the tags that remain on trains still in use today, but now new forms of art have been added to the boxcar walls as well. Troy Lovegates’ train work consists mainly of black and white outline portraits with exaggerated facial features. Some of the more complex pieces resemble his street murals which are large-scale, multimedia paste-ups created in his studio and then adhered to outdoor surfaces under the guise of nighttime. His train pieces are influenced by many uncontrollable factors, all of which add to the urgency of the art form. Often times there are people working in the train yards which makes it difficult to focus on one piece for too long.

In order to fund his train work, Troy Lovegates exhibits his art in galleries. To date, he has painted pieces and had art shows in Taipei, Tokyo, Paris, Dublin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, Dublin, Barcelona, Lima and many more cities around the world. His international work has occupied many canvases, from gallery walls to a projection on the side of the Romanian Palace of the Parliament, the largest building in Europe.

IMYGRATE Artist Profile: Erik Volet

Erik Volet

Victoria artist Erik Volet's graffiti roots and ink character drawings are well suited to the IMYGRATE Project.

Below is a character drawn by artist Erik Volet. Visit the IMYGRATE Exhibition on February 19th, 2010 to find out what happened to this wandering nomad.

Erik Volet imygrate Character

Volet talks about his mural in the group show "Us Ones In Between"

Below is an introduction written about Erik's artwork for his book Saturnalia. “The drawings collected in the present volume represent a fragment of a much larger work; years of incantations and descents into the emptiness of self are here displayed in a fractured and fragile way, for that which they represent cannot be given in a singular stroke. But they serve to provide us with a glimpse of another grand attempt, another striving towards the centre, another drawing aside of the veil. In these works can be seen the manipulations of a magus born in an age when it has been decreed that such a creature shall not be. Here can be seen a desire to create and recreate another system of nature, where the dead light of fluorescent bulbs can no longer blind us in our dreaming. Here we see the hand moving in the act of tracing the transformations of point and line across the encompassing whiteness of new time, where the cartoon representation of a human face stands as the irreducible representation of that real with which all our sciences struggle. It is only in the image of the face of the other that we find the reflection of the order of the self sought by all our symbolic orders.” – Ami Joseph Brosseau, August 2007

The Fisgard Mural Concern - Victoria

The Fisgard Mural

The Olio Artists & Workers Cooperative are pleased to announce the development of the Fisgard Mural Concern, an initiative to transform the exterior of 614 Fisgard st. into downtown Victoria’s largest mural and contemporary art piece.

Fisgard - Victoria - BC - Mural Project

At roughly 3700ft2, the exterior wall of the Lee’s Benevolent Ass’n building will accommodate a piece larger than the whale wall and 100% whale-free.

The collaborative initiative will invoke Victoria artists Luke Ramsey, Shawn O’Keefe, Ryan Thompson, Joey MacDonald, Calvin Coles and Renny McClure, among others, to reflect on their hometown through positive, accessible themes and imagery. The resulting artwork will be honed into a single scene through consensus before being rendered onto the sizeable south facing Fisgard site in May. The result will be an invaluable addition to – and departure from – public art in Victoria.

Olio have set up a fund to produce the mural and are actively seeking capable volunteers and generous donations to make the project possible.

Fisgard Mural Concern PDF - englishProject Outline (english – 183kb)


This will be one of 2010’s largest visual arts projects and will need a healthy amount of public support.  Please support a positive direction in public art and make donation to see it happen.  The Olio Cooperative have established a fund to raise the 10 000$ needed to produce the mural – please make a one-time or ongoing donation to the development of the mural using the Paypal link below.

Artwork for the mural will be viewable beginning March 20th as a part of 03.20.10.go., a group art show featuring the artists involved in the mural’s design.

Community Consultation

The Fisgard Mural Concern is a community initiative and cannot progress without the support of the Chinatown, Downtown Victoria and Victoria arts communities.  We strongly encourage community members to take part by bringing questions, concerns, inquiries or words of support to public attention at the community consultation open houses.  Information on the project, the mural’s artwork and the artists involved will be on hand to illuminate the intentions and aspirations of the mural project.

Please join us on any of the following dates:

Sunday, March 21st • 6pm – 9pm at the Olio Cooperative, 614 1/2 Fisgard st.

Wednesday, March 31st • 6pm – 9pm at the Olio Cooperative, 614 1/2 Fisgard st. Translation services will be available in Mandarin and Cantonese at community consultation sessions.

City of Vancouver Paints Over Mural.

Beatty Street murals painted over by City of Vancouver

By Travis Lupick • Visit the Straight for full article and comments.

On Beatty Street, between Dunsmuir and Georgia, there were a series of murals painted on a long concrete wall. They’re now gone. On (December 23), they were painted over by the City of Vancouver. All that remains is a long stretch of blue.

According to David McLellan, general manager of community services for the City of Vancouver, the murals were painted over as part of “maintenance in that area”.

McLellan explained that the Beatty Street murals were created in 2007 as part of a fundraiser for the Steve Nash Foundation. He said that they were always regarded by the city as a temporary installation.

“It is standard business for the city to do the upkeep on its publicly visible property,” McLellan continued. “That is one of the city’s properties.”

Hey! That's a nice blue. Perfect background colour for a Vision Vancouver Logo.

On November 16, the City of Vancouver removed a mural outside the Crying Room gallery in the Downtown Eastside. The work depicted the Olympic Games in a negative light.

The Beatty Street murals were painted on a concrete wall that bordered a large parking lot at the corner of Georgia Street and Beatty Street. The area is designated as an Olympic venue scheduled to be used for entertainment during the Games.

McLellan maintained that the painting over of the Beatty Street murals is not part of any greater initiative to eliminate similar works in Vancouver. But he stated that the city does regularly remove works created on public property without a permit.

On December 23, workers hired by the City of Vancouver painted over murals on Beatty Street. Travis Lupick photo.

Alternatively, he continued, the City of Vancouver does issue permits for paintings in areas visible to the public. One example is the series of murals that exist underneath the south end of the Granville Street Bridge.

“Those are actually permitted,” McLellan said. “I don’t think there is any plan to paint over those.”

Canadian Artist "Other" / Troy Lovegates Book

We wanted to give you guys a quick sneak peak preview of a project we are really excited to be working on. This video showcases a mockup which demonstrates what the limited edition Other book will look like. There will be 100 copies of the hand bound hardcover produced. These copies include a screen-printed cover, block printed endpages printed by the artist himself, embossed title page (that's where you see the hand doing a little circle in the video). This full colour book will highlight murals,trains and snapshots by Mr Troy Lovegates.  Sign-up on our mailing list to get an advanced heads up before the book goes on sale. The 100 limited copies are expected to go near instantly. Look forward to the book coming out in early 2010.

Other aka Troylovegate's new hardcover book by Anteism

Other aka Troylovegate's new book by Anteism

Alternative Press Expo - San Francisco


Anteism will be sharing a table at  Alternative Press Expo with James Kirkpatrick and Islands Fold this weekend (October 17th-18th 2009) in San Francisco. APE is one of the most popular and vibrant alternative comics exhibitions in the U.S. We are excited to be releasing a new zine by C.C. Walton and a collaborative multi-colour zine by the Brain Trust duo, James Kirkpatirck and Peter Thompson. Charlotte Cynthia Walton's zine is a collection of works created over the last couple of years from sketchbook drawings, paintings and her rad paper cut-outs. The Thompson/Kirkpatrick zine entitled "Canadian Haircut Cut" has been painstakingly created on a rebuilt risograph machine. Purple, blue, red, burgundy, gold, green and good old black have all been used in this rad artist book. The two new zines will be available online after APE.

If you are in SF come by and give us a visit at APE. We're at table 150.

APE 2009

Saturday, Oct. 17 / 11am - 7pm Sunday, Oct. 18/ 11am - pm

The Concourse 620 7th Street San Francisco directions

If  your around the Haight street / Fillmore area come by and check out a mural going up by Luke Ramsey, Doodles and Zosen in collab with Upper Playground.



Other / Troy Lovegates Art & Prints For Sale

Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Artwork For Sale

Artist known as "Other" aka. Troy Lovegates has some beautiful original artworks and hand printed linocuts for sale through his Flickr site. Check them out. If you can't reach him give us a shout and and we'll forward his email.

hello everyone.... i am sending you all some new images printed this summer and a couple of paintings i have raise funds to pay my wonderful printer who i printed linoleums with all summer in boiling hot manhattan..... there are thirty prints of each different image available and three original paintings on wood here is a price list of the images.

Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Original Artwork For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Original Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Original Artwork For Sale

Boxi - Multilayered Stencils - "To Die For"

"BOXI" - Multi Layered Stencil Graffiti

Boxi creates hand cut multi layered life size stencils that he exhibits in galleries and on street walls.

BOXI - To die for

Boxi was born 1974 in Kent, England. He completed his studies at the London St. Martins school of art with a BA Fine Arts degree in painting in 1996. Boxi has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany since 2000.

It is often the arts placement within the installation or urban landscape that completes and defines their action, enabling the work to interact with the space. It is within this collaboration that the material boundaries of the work are dissolved, affecting the perception of the image.

Boxi's latest street stencil, was created in Athens. It is entitled "To die for". "It's an attempt to portray the blind purity of love, and a wall of belief that can end it all. The work is a reflection upon the sad fate of two young lovers who were killed because of their love."

A young couple who tried to elope in one of the most lawless and conservative parts of Afghanistan have been publicly executed by Taliban gunmen after their parents handed them over to be tried by insurgents.

Officials from the south-western province of Nimroz say Gul Pecha, in her late teens, and her boyfriend Abdul Aziz, 21, were shot by a firing squad outside a mosque in their home village of Lokhi on Monday.

The couple had fled to a nearby village and were planning to start a life together without the permission of their parents, according to the province's police chief Abdul Jabar Pardeli.

But they were found by their parents and turned over to the Taliban, who held them for four days in Lokhi's mosque before putting them on trial.

Ghulam Dastageer Azad, the governor of Nimroz, said the couple's execution was "against Islam, against the law and against the constitution".

Read the full article published in the Guardian.

"To Die For" consists of 11 hand cut life-sized stencils. Each done in a different grayscale shade. To see how the piece was done watch the video below:

Here are some different samples of how each stencil is cut. boxi_spray_order boxi_spray_order2


Specter - Public Street Art Installation Projects

Specter one of 6 artists which make up Kops Crew has some amazing public art installation projects posted on his website. "My work and advertising oppose each other in content but relate in regards to their aesthetic purpose." Some notable images


concrete project Works constructed with concrete then adhered to sidewalks, resulting in a disturbance to pedestrians.

window project

Two dimensional works installed in windows or door frames that change the visual appearance of the structure.

Graffiti Archaeology

Graffiti Archaeology Interface Graffiti Archaeology is a project devoted to the study of graffiti-covered walls as they change over time. The core of the project is a timelapse collage, made of photos of graffiti taken at the same location by many different photographers over a span of several years. The photos were taken in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and other cities, over a timespan from the late 1990's to the present.

Using the grafarc explorer, you can visit some classic graffiti spots, see what they looked like in the past, and explore how they have changed over the years.

The "grafarc explorer" interface which navigates the various layers of graffiti is well thought out and is a pleasure to use. Along the bottom of the site is a time-line with access points where photos have been taken. When a new date is clicked the image is loaded onto the previous wall with and orange box around the new layer.

This project reminded me of the Brian Jungen exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. In one of the displays Brian Jungen used a router to carve out a design into the art gallery walls. The gallery wall had been painted hundreds of times with varying colours. The beveled edge of the carving revealed all the coloured layers of paint like layers of sediment.

Logan Hicks - Photo Realistic Stencil Art

Logan Hicks is a madman and will probably have a hunch back and gnarled hands by the time he's 60. Why? Check out his meticulous hand cut stencil work. His portfolio websites address says it all logan_hicks_stencil

Logan's background in screen printing probably helped to develop his eye for colour separations. He had to switch over to stenciling when he sold his screenprinting equipment to move to California to work on his art. Now living in Brooklyn Logan has spent the last six months gruelling over 30+ stencil pieces to be in "The Beautiful Prison" an art show at The Black Rat Press in London, England. Check out The Black Rat Press's prints for sale by some legends such as Bleck le Rat, Swoon, Faile, d*face and others.

logan_hicks_stencil logan_hicks_stencil logan_hicks_stencillogan_hicks_stencil


Weakhand Posters

weakhand - poster While living in Vancouver I became acustomed to the posters of weakhand. His dedication and craft are admirable. I don't know much about weakhand but it looks as though his posters are handmade using an airbrush. Many artists with his skill would be slapping a $$$ tag on the artwork and floggin it on the market. Long live weakhand and other artists like him.

BLU - "MUTO" - Animation painted on walls.

BLU is an Italian artist known for his HUGE murals depicting baby like bald headed men often missing limbs. His murals have been an inspiration for many artists. Blu has also been creating wall animations, which he paints the frames of an animation on abandoned walls. Using the form of walls his characters react to the shapes and textures they are painted on. This short film is possibly the most insane animation work you'll see in your lifetime.