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BOKAY Photography #002 - Audun Mo

BOKAY Print #002 - Man on bike by Audun Mo Man on Bike. © Audun Mo

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I used to jog past this brick wall and I noticed how my own shadow fell on the wall at a certain time in the afternoon. It took me almost 4 months from the planning of the photo untill I finally managed to shoot it right. I knew exactly which kind of shadow I wanted and in the end it was all worth waiting for.


My name is Audun Mo . I am 23 years old and a nurse by profession. I live in Oslo, Norway with my fiancé Cathrine. I love being out in the wild and I never leave home without a camera in my bag.

Weapon of Choice (Camera, format, technique) ? I shoot with Olympus cameras only. Olympus provides me with the colour and sharpness I need to get the most out of my pictures. I shoot mostly digital. Sometimes when I need inspiration or just want to have a laugh I bring out my old 35mm or a polaroid camera. I don’t use Photoshop much and I try to keep my photos as close to the real experience as possible.

Favourite Photographer or Artist ? My favourite artist is Andrey A. Tarkovsky. There is something truly special about his photograpic work that gives me inspiration and motivation. It seems to me that Tarkovsky tries to stop time with his work. By doing so he reminds us that photography is timeless, personal and intimate.

Favourite piece of art (photo or other medium)? I really like the Norwegian musician Thomas Dybdahl. I have seen how much his music can inspire and move people and to me his music is truly a piece of art. Listening to his music brings out many good memories in me.

Favourite photo you have taken? audun_mo-surfing1 I honestly don’t have any favorite photo. The story behind a photo is very important to me.  This photo is from a surfing contest I covered for a Norwegian surfing magazine. The picture is taken during the junior qualifying heats and I really like the way the unknown surfer creates the perfect line across the wave. I believe in shaping your own destiny and that is exactly what this young gentleman was doing that early morning. One photo which you have taken that other people seem to like?

audun-mo-seagull Many people seem to like this picture of a seagull. It is taken next to a beach resturant, and this bird was by far the most aggressive and loud bird there. By keeping the bird out of focus I manage create a calm, peaceful and different atmosphere.

Photographic Philosophy To me photography is all about being creative and playful. It is important for me to enjoy every photographic opportunity I get and just have a good time behind the camera.

Big thanks To my dear Cathrine for always being there for me, and to friends and family for endless support and inspiration.

Website & contact info.{at}gmail{dot}com

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Man on Bike. © Audun Mo

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