How to Publish an Art Book?

Submit your art book or publish it yourself through our dedicated art publishing services.

Getting Published by Anteism

We welcome submissions that incorporate diverse forms and genres in contemporary arts and culture, with a particular interest in visual and book arts. If you have a creative proposal that brings together art and publishing in new and innovative ways, we’d like to see it.

Before submitting your idea, you will probably find it helpful to take a look through our catalogue and familiarize yourself with the kinds of work we publish.

We prize originality and risk, cohesiveness within a series or a body of work, and whether or not a project accords with our publishing vision. Our decisions are not based on a project’s commercial viability or a particular artist’s acclaim and experience.

Kindly do not send us proposals for manuscripts or literary submissions (novels, graphic novels, poetry, etc.). While we have published comics, poetry, and graphic novels in the past, we no longer support these formats.

Send us your inquiries, questions, and ideas!

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Please send hardcopy submissions to us here:

Anteism Publishing
#409–6201, avenue du Parc
Montreal, QC  H2V 4H6

Note: Please understand that we do not return submissions. Therefore, please do not send original documents or other works that you wish to be returned.

Likewise, we cannot reply to all submission proposals.




The experienced team at our printing and binding studio, BookArt, is available to help design and produce your new book. With long and diverse expertise, and equipped with an impressive suite of resources—from vintage letterpress machines to cutting-edge digital equipment and top-quality print materials—we can produce most any job to your satisfaction.

Got an unusual request? Ask us—we can probably get it done. Click here to begin creating your own book.