Scorpion Dagger App Update

Scorpion Dagger Update * Junaio App Discontinued

Metaio the maker of augmented reality app Junaio sold to Apple - New App in the works.

Anteism would like to inform all our customers who purchased the Scorpion Dagger augmented reality book that we are now in the process of developing an updated in-house augmented reality app. A new app is currently in production and will be available by the end of February 2016.

Earlier this year Apple computers purchased augmented reality provider Metaio who’s product was used for the development of the Scorpion Dagger book. Apple is no longer supporting the system and has recently shut-down operations.

We are excited to develop this app to secure our augmented publications from situations such as this merger and other 3rd party issues that can interrupt service. We would like to apologize to our supporters for the down-time before the release of the new Anteism AR app. We are working hard to release the app as soon as possible, but also improve upon industry standards to create an app specifically focused on representing art.

We thank you for your patience, and look forward to the release in February!  Best wishes for the rest of the year and next.


A new App for viewing Scorpion Dagger - Do You Like Relaxing?

AR•BOOK is an augmented reality app built from the ground up. This mobile iOS app has been developed specifically for use in contemporary art books and expands the viewing experience of the traditional printed page. 

Free download at the App Store