Looking For Livingstone - M. NourbeSe Philip


Looking For Livingstone - M. NourbeSe Philip


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A woman, travelling alone through time, Africa, and unnamed lands, searches for Dr. David Livingstone, celebrated by the West as a “discoverer” of Africa. Throughout her quest, for knowledge and for Livingstone, the traveller visits many peoples, listens to their stories and their silences, and learns about their Silence. Suspense, parables, and dreams play major parts of the story twists and turns toward the traveller’s confrontation with Livingstone-I presume.
Looking for Livingstone explodes Western assumptions about the “silence” of indigenous peoples; this is on elegant and compelling novel which beautifully gives voice to the ancestors to whom it is dedicated.

- 6” x 9”
- 108 pg
- Interior Printed 1 Colour Risograph (Blue)
- Edition of 250

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Author Bio

M. NourbeSe Philip is an unembedded poet, essayist, novelist and playwright who lives in the space-time of the City of Toronto. She practised law in the City of Toronto for seven years before becoming a poet and writer. She has published four books of poetry including the seminal She Tries Her Tongue; Her Silence Softly Breaks, one novel and four collections of essays. Her book-length poem, Zong!, is a conceptually innovative, genre-breaking epic, which explodes the legal archive as it relates to slavery. Her most recent work is BLAnK is a collection of essays on racism and culture.

Series Editors Nathan Brown and Michael Nardone
Design & Layout by LOKI

Published by The Centre for Expanded Poetics & Anteism