ReRites - David (Jhave) Johnston


ReRites - David (Jhave) Johnston


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ReRites is a limited edition boxset of 12 poetry books (generated by a computer then edited by poet David Jhave Johnston) + 1 book of essays (about A.I and poetry). Between May 2017-18, Jhave produced one book of poetry per month, utilizing neural networks trained on a contemporary poetry corpus to generate source texts which were then edited into the ReRites poems. The boxset is a conceptual proof-of-concept about the impact of augmented creativity and human-machine symbiosis.


This boxset is accompanied by a book of essays written about the ReRites project. Essay authors include: Allison Parrish, Johanna Drucker, Kyle Booten, Stephanie Strickland, John Cayley, Lai-Tze Fan, Nick Montfort, Mairéad Byrne, and Chris Funkhouser.

Boxset Size: 16” x 8.5” x 5.5” / 40.75cm x 20.5cm x 16.5cm
Box Details:
White Vellum Cloth Wrapped

Book Size: 5” x 7.875” x Variable / 12.7cm x 20cm x Variable
Book Details:
Hardcover White Linen Cloth with Foil Stamped Cover and Spine
Sewn/Roundback Binding
Printed with ink on Indigo 1000 on Enviro Edition 55lb

Responses Essay Book - 92pg
Book 1 - 352pg
Book 2 - 276pg
Book 3 - 400pg
Book 4 - 416pg
Book 5 - 464pg
Book 6  - 376pg
Book 7 - 596pg
Book 8 - 372pg
Book 9 - 628pg
Book 10 - 320pg
Book 11 - 320pg
Book 12 - 540pg 

Limited Edition of 12

# 1-3 (Sold)
# 4 - 12