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Jesse Jacobs - One Million Mouths

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The second artist exhibiting during "The Many Faces of Koyama Exhibition" is Jesse Jacobs - Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, and now draws comics and things from his home in London, Ontario. In 2009, his books Small Victories and Blue Winter were short listed at the Doug Wright Awards for Canadian Cartooning. He received the Gene Day Award for Canadian Comic Book Self-Publisher of 2008. His work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada.

Jesse's major publishing debut after several award-winning, self-published titles—describes his new comic work, By This Shall You Know Him, as coming “out of the darkness of oblivion.” Within the book’s confines, Jacobs states that the reader will “bear witness to the limitless ambitions of a gang of celestial beings as they fiddle and fuss with all sorts of molecular arrangements, creating infinitely detailed patterns and strange new worlds brimming with bizarre life forms. Part art-book, part graphic novel, By This Shall You Know Him depicts all manner of beast running, crawling and slithering towards death’s cold embrace.”

Jesse will have art prints on display as well as his book at OuterSpace Gallery During The Many Faces of Koyama exhibition September 27th-28th

Cover of Jesse Jacobs book By This Shall You Know Him

Cover of Jesse Jacobs book By This Shall You Know Him