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Aaron Noble - Rebuilding a Super Heroe

Aaron Noble's paintings look like super heroes deflating like a balloon and zig-zagging across the universe. Aaaron uses images found in 90's comics (most notably published by IMAGE). Theses abstracts are instantly recognizable as comic like to some, but comic readers will see the image as a mashup of characters. These characters have been brilliantly transformed to erase the branding and identity that has been painstakingly designed into the series.

Aaron Noble

Jeff Koons | Easyfun-Ethereal

Nobles's paintings brought to mind Jeff Koons series EasyFun-Ethereal although much more abstract. Koons does not abstract his imagery as much as crop and collage but it is the use of certain parts to create the new which is similar. Whether we've eaten a"Pop Tart" or not our generation will identitfy and the same goes for comics. These super human characters seem to have lost their extraordinary powers due to the lack of human muscle structure, but gained god like status.