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Ambrus Art Book by Morgana Wallace

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Morgana Wallace's Art Book AMBRUS

The Ambrus exhibition of drawings, paintings and collage compiled into a limited edition art book.

Morgana Wallace’s art is intricately layered with references to history, culture, and mythology. Possessing a rare mixture of vibrant spontaneity and meticulous skill, her images brim over with energy and movement. Morgana’s endless cast of strange and beautiful characters usher us into their imaginative and sometimes disquieting worlds.

Morgana Wallace Art Book Title Page

This body of work, Ambrus, is a tribute to Morgana’s favourite illustrators. Throughout her artistic life, she has been struck by the importance of illustration to the overall impact of the book, believing that illustrators deserve respect as legitimate artists. Now having compiled her own book of illustrations, Morgana pays homage to the illustrators who illuminated her imagination and taught her how to see the stories in images.

Morgana Wallace Collage

• 5.75″x 7.75″ (14.75cm x 19.75cm) • 68 Colour Pages • Signed/Numbered Edition of 150 • 1st Edition – Published 2012 Purchase the book in the Anteism Shop