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Anteism & Islands Fold @ Diagonal Zine Fair

Here's a few snapshots of a great little zine fair we did in Vancouver called Diagonal. Anteism split a table with the one and only Luke Ramsey of Islands Fold.

Luke Ramsey of Islands Fold

Snoop a Luke'

Checkout some of the other contributors in the show.


smoke signals

partrick cruz

owen plummer

blood of the young zine

t. reilly hodgson

hamburger eyes

island folds

solder & sons

wizard gang

no where fast collective

black bile

OCW magazine

perro verlag

hack saw literary arts magazine

poetry is dead

sad magazine

mongrel zine

maya beaudry

bob scott

association of very good ideas

rain zine

alex aleco

sarah hudson

erin kraan

r. thomas white & chris lennox-assen

adam huggins & mohsen yazdani

taryn hubbard

jason sunder

melanie coles

colin upton