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Anteism Publishing - Finding Joy - Book

Two years in the making, 2 years on the shelf and now the entire Finding Joy comic is in print. Finding Joy is a book of comics and artwork by Luke Ramsey. Half of the book is a comic about finding inner peace. The other half is a collection of photos, comics and drawings about a hare character that was prominent in Luke's work from 2004-2007. • 6"x8" • 1st Edition of 350 copies • 80 B&W Pages. • 1st Edition is hand numbered with a signed 5"x7" two colour screen-print.

The first edition of Finding Joy is hand numbered and includes a a limited edition signed two colour screen-print created by Luke Ramsey and printed at Seriscope Studio. One of 4 different coloured prints will be randomly inserted into the first edition of the book.

The first 100 copies sold have a unique doodle/remarqué done by the artist. SOLD OUT