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Art For Empty Walls - Luke Ramsey

Luke Ramsey - Art On Empty Walls

Islands Fold's Luke Ramsey has some of his personal art up for sale through Art For Empty Walls. It's a great opportunity to purchase some reasonably priced original artworks. (Check out the gallery fundraiser on the Islands Fold site, for more original art by various artists.) is a website whose mission is simple: to provide a way for people to buy art – specifically those who might otherwise be intimidated or priced out of the art-buying process.

By creating an online gallery that is set up much like a regular gallery space, people can browse through work, ask questions and consult their friends in the comfort of their own surroundings. The goal of Art for Empty Walls is to spotlight new and emerging artists every month, while showcasing special pieces from established artists - all at prices that will make it easy for the casual browser to become a collector.