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Boxi - Multilayered Stencils - "To Die For"

"BOXI" - Multi Layered Stencil Graffiti

Boxi creates hand cut multi layered life size stencils that he exhibits in galleries and on street walls.

BOXI - To die for

Boxi was born 1974 in Kent, England. He completed his studies at the London St. Martins school of art with a BA Fine Arts degree in painting in 1996. Boxi has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany since 2000.

It is often the arts placement within the installation or urban landscape that completes and defines their action, enabling the work to interact with the space. It is within this collaboration that the material boundaries of the work are dissolved, affecting the perception of the image.

Boxi's latest street stencil, was created in Athens. It is entitled "To die for". "It's an attempt to portray the blind purity of love, and a wall of belief that can end it all. The work is a reflection upon the sad fate of two young lovers who were killed because of their love."

A young couple who tried to elope in one of the most lawless and conservative parts of Afghanistan have been publicly executed by Taliban gunmen after their parents handed them over to be tried by insurgents.

Officials from the south-western province of Nimroz say Gul Pecha, in her late teens, and her boyfriend Abdul Aziz, 21, were shot by a firing squad outside a mosque in their home village of Lokhi on Monday.

The couple had fled to a nearby village and were planning to start a life together without the permission of their parents, according to the province's police chief Abdul Jabar Pardeli.

But they were found by their parents and turned over to the Taliban, who held them for four days in Lokhi's mosque before putting them on trial.

Ghulam Dastageer Azad, the governor of Nimroz, said the couple's execution was "against Islam, against the law and against the constitution".

Read the full article published in the Guardian.

"To Die For" consists of 11 hand cut life-sized stencils. Each done in a different grayscale shade. To see how the piece was done watch the video below:

Here are some different samples of how each stencil is cut. boxi_spray_order boxi_spray_order2