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Canadian Haircut Cut Zine

Canadian Haircut Cut is a new zine by James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thompson. The zine was created in Victoria while the Brain Trust duo was here for their book launch. Each of the 16 pages is a two colour print, printed with soy based inks. The zine printed on a finicky 1980's multi-colour printing machine - show signs of glitches and mis-registration making each zine slightly different. The process is similar to screen-printing so each image is comprised of two drawings which combined produce the two colours. • 16 pages printed in Blue, Metallic Gold, Red, Purple, Black and Green • 5.5"x8.5" • Numbered Edition of 100 • 24lb Acid Free Paper (In case you plan on living Forever!)

Available | Price - $6.00

Sample Pages: ( Have you heard that new song by NOFX about Tegan or was it Sara? )

Canadian Haircut Cut - Zine Cover canadian_haircut_cut2 canadian_haircut_cut3 canadian_haircut_cut_lastcanadian_haircut_cut4 canadian_haircut_cut_inside_cover