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Anteism's IMYGRATE - Group project & exhibition

Anteism - imygrate The iMYGRATE PROJECT has been a success. We traveled over 14,000km in our $350 van. We copied, cut, glued and laminated 391 characters! We scouted out the safest most favorable, unique location to set them off on their own journey.

Going on two and a half years and the migrations of our characters have ceased. They have immersed themselves into the general population. We will now have an exhibition celebrating the characters that went on this journey and the few that continued on to have solo migrations.

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Artists from Canada, USA, Germany, Portugal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, Australia, India, Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia and Italy Send Their Artwork On A Road Trip Across Canada. Exhibition Opening February 19th.

iMygrate is an international art project hosted by Anteism.  In the Summer of 2007 Anteism sent out a call for artwork submissions to artists from around the world. The project called for small (Letter Size) character based artworks. There was no requirments to the artwork such as medium or content and all submissions were welcome. The only qualification was the submission had to be a chatacter of sorts. These characters (animals, monsters, robots and more) would then be distributed across towns and cities of Canada.

The 1st project goal was to distribute artist’s characters across public spaces in Canada. A migration from their comfortable studios/sketchbooks, to the great outdoors. An extended migration was planned, but could only be accomplished by the help of curious local citizens.

On the back of every character was information about the project and how to take part. These instructions ask the “finder” of the artwork to take the character to a new location, photograph it in it’s new surrounding then send the photo+location to Anteism. This was the second goal of the project, to invite the public to interact with the art and help shape the outcome.

With these photo updates and coordinates we could chart the course of the characters and document their travels. It was a very tough journey and most of the characters were lost along the way, but many made extraordinary migrations.

The iMygrate show will document and showcase the characters that went on this voyage through original artworks & photographs. There will also be an interactive multimedia display to highlight the trail that these characters took. As a companion to the show and to document the project an e-publication will be created by Anteism Publishing and will be available for free at the exhibition and online through the Anteism website.

EXHIBITION INFORMATION: Opening February 19th, 2010 • 8:00pm @ Olio Artists Co-operative / Gallery Visit for info & gallery hours. Admission $1.00 donated to Fisgard Mural Concern.

GALLERY INFORMATION: Olio Artists Co-operative / Gallery 614 1/2 Fisgard Street, Victoria BC, V8W 1R6

104 artists, from 16 different countries showcasing over 300 original pieces of character art. Hundreds of photographs documenting the journey as well as an interactive installation highlighting the migrations. Please join us for the IMYGRATE Exhibition.

More information / Press Images please contact Ryan Thompson | ryan {at} anteism {dot} com

IMYGRATE - A group project / exhibition of work by the following artists:

Action Tin Toy, Ala Ramildi, Alberto Cerriteno, Alexei Vella, Alicia Wagner, Andrea Innocent, Andrea Wong, Arjan Westerdiep, Ben Frey, Ben van Netten & kstyles, Bill Dunlap, Bill Thomson, Brad Simon, Brent Bouchard, Brett Farkas, Brian Donnelly, Brian Raszka, Bruna Guerreiro, Caleb Beyers, Cameron Forsley, C Huffman, Charlotte Cynthia Walton, Chico Baldini, Chika Kakazu, Chris Von Szombathy, Christian Gralingen, Christian Walden, Cristina Garcia Martin, Crystal Beard, Daniel Gonzalez, Dante Malo, Darin Bindle, DGPH, Diogo Potes, Duto Hardono, Elisa Sassi, Erik Jonssan, Erik Volet, Es Jottes, Forcefeedswede, Frank Flothmann, Gareth Gaudin, General Magic, George Ferrandi, Handiedan, Husk Mit Navn, J Shea, James Schneider, Jan Kromerak, Jessica May Hobdell, Jessie Holmes, JK Gallag, Joan Stiebel, John Casey, John Lytle Wilson, Jorn Kaspuhl, Josh Taylor, Justin Stone, Ken Gerberick, Kendra Lane Sherick, Lala Ladcani, Lee McLure, Lon Wenger, Luke Ramsey, M Shaffer, Madbox, Marc Johns, Marc Lynch, Maria Esaiasson, Matt Lee, Maxwell Paternoster, Mieke Driessen, Monster Flower, Mr Globp, Nadia Zanellato, Natalia Gianinazzi, Osmoze Graphik, Owen Plummer, P. Williams, Paul Antonson, Phil Corbett, Phoenix Perry, Randy Laybourne, Raymond Weekes, Richard Camara, Robin Van Wijk, Ryan Qunicy, Scott Radke, Scott Radnidge, Sean Brookes, Shea Moir, Slaven Kosanovic, Stephen Tompkins, Tanya Edgar, Tapetentiere (Buro Destruct), The Royal Art Lodge, Tony Ochre, Trust 36, United States of the Art, Warren Craghead, Weird Eye One, William Cowen, Yuka Yamaguchi, Ziqi

The Paintings of Dil Hildebrand - Book

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cover - The Paintings of Dil Hildebrand



This new book will feature Hildebrand’s paintings & drawings from 2006-2009.

In only a few years since Hildebrand has emerged onto the Canadian art scene, he has produced an impressive œuvre of paintings and drawings, composed of complex spatial environments and nods to historical painting, including trompe l'oeil, romantic landscape painting and surrealism. Dil Hildebrand received his Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montréal in 2008, won the Royal Bank of Canada Painting competition in 2006, and is now represented by Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain in Montreal. He currently lives and works in Montréal.

This lavishly illustrated book represents the first comprehensive survey of Hildebrand's œuvre, including works from 2006-present.

Featuring an introduction by Richard Rhodes, editor of Canadian Art Magazine, a critical essay by Louise Déry from Galerie de l'UQAM, and an interview with Dil Hildebrand by Christine Redfern.

* Softcover: 72 pages / Full Colour. * Paper: HannoArt Silk 230M / Archival & Acid Free. * Publisher: Anteism (Available through Anteism - July, 2009) * Language: English and French * ISBN - 978-0-9784859-5-5 * Product Dimensions: 10 x 8inches

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Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Hildebrand, Dil, 1974- The paintings of Dil Hildebrand / with introduction by Richard Rhodes ; essay by Louise Déry ; & interview with Christine Redfern.

Includes index. Essay by Louise Déry in French. ISBN 978-0-9784859-5-5

1. Hildebrand, Dil, 1974- --Criticism and interpretation. I. Redfern, Christine, 1966-  II. Déry, Louise, 1955-  III. Title.

ND249.H485A4 2009                         759.11                     C2009-902648-1