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Drawings by Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson has some great original drawings for sale on his flickr account. During the month of August Peter will be donating half of the money from the sales of his drawings to help out Yale St & A Horse and His Boy (two bands that got their music gear ripped off along with 3 years worth of samples)

Excerpt from Peter Thompson is one of the most fascinating artists to emerge from the depths of London's art scene. Each of his 50 Dollar drawings comprise his trademark cartoonish lines which outline everything from retro hot rods to strange, ghost-like characters. The swervy lines almost fall off the page like a slinky down a set of stairs. I'm always dumbfounded by the bounty of imaginary characters Thompson draws but also by his unselfconscious, decontextualized social commentary. If it were not for the blunt, sometimes inviting, sometimes forbidding phrases-  like "don't worry, you won't get hurt",  taken sometimes from pop culture, sometimes from an unknown origin - the sheer schizophrenia of the various complex elements intermingling on a page might put people off the way highbrow art often does.

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Peter's artwork can also be seen in Brain Trust a book of collaborative drawings and paintings created with James Kirkpatrick.