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Elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca ?

I just received a cool little accordian fold out book in the mail. I didn't know who or where it came from. The text seems to be in German and Spanish with a few english tid-bits here and there. The illustrations were great so I continued to look through for clues as to what it was about. After going through the whole booklet I found that it was illustrated by Till Thomas. The illustrations were based on the written dreams of children in Berlin which had been collected by Roger Omar. The booklet was entitled God's Birthday. Here are some of the dreams recorded.

• SpongeBob came to my house and behaved like a savage. (Pelrick / 8 Years Old)

• I dreamed I was the godfather. I robbed a bank, took Nazis as hostages and then woke up. I almost forgot... I had a Lamborghini. (Nikita / 8 Years Old)

There was a website listed in the book.

The website seems to be a interesting project where you can post your dreams.

una campaña que promueve la escritura (y registro en cualquier lenguaje) de sueños en el mundo. - a campaign that promotes the writing (and recording in any language) in the world of dreams.

There is also a Flickr pagewith illustrated dreams