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Hot Potatoe a New Book by Marc Bell

Anteism Publishing will have a table down in San Francisco for Alternative Press Expo ( APE ) and I'm really excited to meet other exhibitors, people checking the festival and exploring the city itself. I'm also stoked to check out the new Marc Bell book!!! Marc Bell's work is constantly negotiating between disparate influences including comics, folk art, popular culture and Fine Art. Embedded in his drawings is complex and layered wordplay that allude to these influences while remaining deeply funny. Bell's works vary from pen and ink drawings colored with subtle watercolors, to comics, to elaborate mixed media cardboard constructions, and, put all together for the first time in HOT POTATOE, provide a comprehensive portrait of a multi-talented and influential contemporary artist. Marc Bell's book HOT POTATOE shall be released this October through Drawn and Quarterly. Marc Bell Interview at Fecal Face

Marc Bell's work can also be seen in his collaborations with Peter Thompson and James Kirkpatrick in the book Brain Trust.