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*INE - a Free Zine From "A" through "Z"

*INE - a Zine From "A" through "Z"

A free zine about small and quirky bits of architecture and history in London.

David Lasnier is a french artist living in London, who has produced an artist book and some multiple objects. Lasnier has recently self-published of a one-page zine called *INE. The first issue is entitled AINE; and will work it's way through the alphabet (BINE; CINE;) and so on until ZINE.

*INE is an edition of 100 : 50 spread freely, 50 completed by hand, numbered/signed and sold for £2.

You can also have a look and download the zine pdf here :



*ine zine david lasnier

*ine zine david lasnier