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LANDMARKS: Exhibition

LandmarksLANDMARKS OPENS THIS FRIDAYExhibit opens Friday, April 24th at Olio Cooperative (7:00pm, by donation).

Come and join us in the exploration of the art of spatial expression, this Friday, April 24th.

Cartographic art has been an established trade for centuries. Maps allow us to see real places in new ways and from different angles or to create worlds that are only dreamed of. LANDMARKS presents interpretations of the political, social, and physical realities and ideologies of our space and place.

LANDMARKS aims to present the capacity of maps beyond demonstration of static location.  The exhibit will feature works by Raymond Biesinger, Betty Ann Lampman, Sean McLaughlin, Julie Bentz, Joey MacDonald & Caitlin Gallupe, each demonstrating their own expression of cartographic relation.

Exhibit open Friday, April 24th at Olio (7:00pm, by donation). 614 1/2 Fisgard Street, Victoria. We'll be hosting a day long Risk tournament Saturday, May 2nd, starting at noon sharp, as part of the show.  Get in touch to register.