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Logan Hicks - Photo Realistic Stencil Art

Logan Hicks is a madman and will probably have a hunch back and gnarled hands by the time he's 60. Why? Check out his meticulous hand cut stencil work. His portfolio websites address says it all logan_hicks_stencil

Logan's background in screen printing probably helped to develop his eye for colour separations. He had to switch over to stenciling when he sold his screenprinting equipment to move to California to work on his art. Now living in Brooklyn Logan has spent the last six months gruelling over 30+ stencil pieces to be in "The Beautiful Prison" an art show at The Black Rat Press in London, England. Check out The Black Rat Press's prints for sale by some legends such as Bleck le Rat, Swoon, Faile, d*face and others.

logan_hicks_stencil logan_hicks_stencil logan_hicks_stencillogan_hicks_stencil