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Lying On The Sidewalk - Book by Scott Radnidge

A New Book of Short Stories by Scott Radnidge.

The book contains seven works of fiction illustrated by Shawn O'Keefe aka Trust 36 also member of Woodpile Collective.

Book Cover - Lying on the Sidewalk by Scott Radnidge

Lying on the Sidewalk is a collection of short stories with the overriding theme of what to do with the runaway train that is the world of daydreams. Stories of overactive imaginations, and the situations where those imaginations lose control. Rich tales of almost dying, bewildering loss, being completely hung over, and watching as life goes absolutely AWOL.

Story Titles: Naked Cold Bed Footsteps The Storm Their Father My Mom Was Crying Jump The River Always Seems To Be Overflowing

Book Info • 6"x9" + French Flaps • 70pg • 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper

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Author Bio: Scott Radnidge is an artist and writer out of Vancouver Canada. Besides being married and raising two insanely awesome daughters, he writes about and draws the things around him, as well as being constantly sidetracked by stupid things like airplanes landing and watching the space shuttle crossing the nighttime summer sky…Scott just finished his second novel, and is currently working on his third.

Sample Illustration by Shawn O'Keefe lying-on-the-sidewalk-Footsteps illustration by Shawn O'Keefe