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"Other Travels"- Documentary on Troy Lovegates

"Other" bicycles from Portugal to Denmark.

Troy Lovegates and Erik Burke will create a documentary of the art making journey.

Artist "Other"  aka Troy Lovegates and film maker Erik Burke are producing a documentary of a bicycle journey from Portugal to Denmark. The journey will include art making along the way and a final exhibition at MOHS Gallery in Denmark. Please support the project if you can. Link at bottom of the page..

Hello travel lovers, bicycle addicts, street art supporters, flickr friends, and on and on... Beginning April 1st I will join the prolific artist Other as he travels from Lisbon, Portugal to his exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. This trip is complicated by the fact that we are traveling by bicycle and all the work for the exhibition will be made along the way!!!

The project I'm seeking funding for begins April 1 and covers 2000+ miles of travel expenses related to sustenance, survival, and the creation of work. We'll be living as much as possible off the land so your support will go to direct needs like replacing and fixing bike parts, film, art supplies, and postage. Any level of support is greatly supported and those of you helping out will receive goods along the way.

The product of our travels will be the content of an exhibition at the MOHS Gallery in Copenhagen. As the road trip functions as a catalyst for our creative process, I will document the artist’s influence over his environment with his detailed oil bar portraits on abandoned and defunct structures. Simultaneously I will capture the environment's influence over the artist. This documentation will also help to tie many of the loose ends and ambiguity created by Other’s work in the exhibition.

I completed a similar project in 2006 where I bicycled across America to meet a mythic graffiti artist. Entitled Road To Colossus, the film documented my close friend as we bicycled from Reno, NV to Gurdon, Arkansas in hopes of meeting a retired railroad worker, grandfather, and artist extraordinaire. Completing the film gave me the confidence and experience to improve upon my last efforts and excel in this next, challenging endeavor. ( the above video is an excerpt of Road To Colossus)

We will let supporters know where to go to follow up-to-date reports from the trip. Thank you for listening and hope to show you some great work!

Sincerely, Erik Burke + Troy Lovegates

Kickstarter is a great site for project fundraising. Support "Other Travels" project and get handmade postcards, letters and a copy of the limited edition DVD.