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Peter Taylor - New Artwork, Prints & T-shirts

peter taylor artwork

Peter Taylor returns to Victoria with a beautiful new collection of artwork to exhibit at the Boucherat Gallery. The Vancouver artist will exhibit his intricate patterned pencil drawings (must be seen in person) and collages along with t-shirts and prints.

Opening September 12th @ 7pm Live DJ to perform as well! Drinks and fun!

Peter Taylors artwork can be found in the following books: The Feast, Manuscribbles, Abracadabra & theMake


Taylor's Artist Statement from a previous show at Ayden Gallery really sums up his work.

"Peter Taylor’s new solo exhibition Divine Play marks a continuation of the artist’s fascination with spirituality viewed through the contemplative lens of recurring characters. As with his previous work, Taylor’s paintings focus on a single figure whose facial expressions and bodily positions exude a combination of playfulness and meditative contentment. With Divine Play, Taylor has presented his most cohesive and striking depiction of these figures to date: “these are my personal sages, Taylor explains. They represent “seeds sprouting knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. In light of his generation’s increasing tendency towards cynicism and disingenuousness, these characters are a breath of fresh air, not only encouraging contemplative reflection, but similarly eschewing cliché and taboo through the knowing humour of their expressions and unselfconscious activity." Read More