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Never Print This - Anthony Lister

Australian provocateur Anthony Lister graffitis his own polaroids in this book of art, scribbling symbols from his unconscious over the spontaneous imagery he's captured of the people and scenes in his life. This work is intimate and revealing. More than ever, in his words, it's "like being a soldier because I have to be hard as fuck to fall in love with these things and let them go.”

Caia Hagel, excerpt from Never Print This
"Climbing long ladders and slinking over concrete surfaces in cities across the world, fiercely, like the colourful protagonists of his visions, with cape on, spray cans under arm, goggles secured tightly; artist Anthony Lister is on a divine mission: the fight, for all of us, against the zeitgeist’s big villain, a saga that he calls 'the war of creativity on reality'.”


Size 8"x11" 
28 pages
Edition of 300

Limited (50) edition contains 1 of 2 signed prints by Anthony Lister.

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