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Machines Upon Every Flower - Can machines create art? 

A Book of artwork & poetry created by Artificial Intelligence.


Machines Upon Every Flower questions computational creativity in the massive new field of Artificial Intelligence. This book is the result of collaboration between Anteism, visual artist Gregory Chatonsky (artist-researcher @ Paris 8) and Karmel Allison (Founder of

By feeding a single word into Allison's Deep Gimble A.I., a poem is generated.  These poems are then interpreted by another Artificial Intelligence developed by Gregory Chatonsky, which produces artworks in response.

The result is an art book leading us to consider the artistic merit and creative potential of Artificial Intelligence.


Simultaneously, questions arise around the nature of human creativity itself and may further lead toward its demystification.

How will art change with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence?

How will Artificial Intelligence alter the way we create and perceive artwork?  How will this new development push the boundaries of established theory and practices in the arts? This book acts as a historical document or time capsule of artificial intelligence in 2017.

  • Beautifully letter-pressed cover by the Abricot Studio
  • Softcover, chapbook-style binding with cover flaps and silver  foil embossed title.
  • Interior printed on 100% post consumer paper
  • 15x22cm / 6x9"
  • 64 pages