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the Art of Voting: Premier Portraits

the Premier Portrait Project

: call for entries

Mar. 7, 2009 - Apr. 20, 2009

As part of Studio 16 1/2's exhibition "the Art of Voting: election propaganda and other provincial themes" the Premier Portrait Project will put in context the 2009 BC provincial election, using artistic renditions of former leaders provided by members of the local electorate.

Studio 16 1/2 is currently seeking thirty-four artists willing to produce a portrait of a past (or in one case present) Premier of British Columbia.

Each participating artist will create a single 8x10 rendition of a premier of their choice (photographic reference material supplied by the studio. One premier per artist; first come, first serve). Completed pieces will be displayed in the gallery during our upcoming exhibition "Election Propoganda and other provincial themes", April 30 - May 31, 2009.

Please send us an email naming the premier of your choice, plus a few samples of work representative of your style. (see below for a list of premiers already claimed, and the artists who claimed them...)

We regret that not all applications will result in an assignment, but please contact us anyway! See gallery of British Columbia's Past Premiers

Confirmation Deadline: April 12, 2009 Art Submission deadline: April 24, 2009

Premier / Artists:

• "Amor de Cosmos" - Kirsten Wright • "George Anthony Walkem" - brent bouchard • "Robert Beaven" - Amy Rubin • "Andrew Charles Elliott" - Gary Pearson • "William Smithe" - shaw smith • "Alexander Edmund Batson Davie" - Nel Kwiatkowska • "John Robson" - Leif Parker • "John Herbert Turner" - Ben Westergreen • "Charles Augustus Semlin" - Clayton Hall • "James Dunsmuir" - Cat Thom • "Edward Gawler Prior" - Mike Macdonald • "Harlan Carey Brewster" - Keri Coles • "John Duncan MacLean" - Caleb Beyers • "Simon Fraser Tolmie" - Faro Sullivan • "John Oliver" - Miles Hastings Elderidge • "John Hart" - Judee Doyle Stevenson • "Byron Ingemar Johnson" - Alexis Celona • "WAC Bennett" - Ben van Netten • "David Barret" - Lon Granger • "Bill Vander Zalm" - Kim Sinclair • "Rita Johnston" - Sarah Amos • "Mike Harcourt" - Nicolas Robins • "Arthur Dan Miller" - Judy McLaren • "Ujjal Singh Dosanjh" - Robert Amos • "Gordon Campbell" - Gareth Gaudin • "Glen David Clark" - Ryan Thompson