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The Horror aka Daniel Cantrell

The Horror is the alias of Daniel Cantrell. Daniel Cantrell was born in Gubabubbahubba, a small town in the north of England. He began drawing at a young age but he has never improved. He has a Degree and a Masters in subjects too boring to even write. His pictures are done with simple pen on card. His drawings are usually about acceptance, violence, lust, fate and the dangers of dental hygiene. The characters are usually smiling which could mean either life is horror so all you can do is smile or people just grin and bear any hell they are given. He is not sure which one yet. He likes GOOD PUNK ROCK MUSIC.

Daniel is currently putting together a zine based on the theme of Man vs. Mescaline. Submissions should be 300dpi/Greyscale and sized for European A5 paper. For info about the  vs. zine series and submissions contact Daniel.