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The Wall of Vagina by Kembra Pfhaler & Bruce la Bruce

The Wall of Vagina by KEmbra Pfhaler and Bruce la Bruce A Extremely Limited ( Edition of 8 ) Artist Book Documenting Kembra Pfhaler's Notorious Performance "The Vagina Wall" photographed by Bruce la bruce with critical text by Michael Vannoy Adams.

"I first saw the pancake stack up of girls in a cheezey magazine I bought at 7/11, while on tour across the U.S. with my band “The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black”. It was a picture that I always remembered. I duplicated it live at the Disinformation Conference in New York in 2002. Samoa filmed us that night with his new camera. He was excited about this new performance too. We were in our traditional band outfits... I gave Alice a turkey baster filled with plain yogurt that she ‘splooged’ onto me as I was on the top.

A couple of years later, at a show in Los Angeles that was organized by Ron Athey and Vaginal Creme Davis... I did the W.O.V. live again and we decided to do a photo shoot in the garden of the hotel we were staying at. The Highland Gardens. These are the photos by Bruce La Bruce, Legendary filmaker....

Bruce La Bruce’s direction was perfect. He made us feel beautiful and important. It was a little precarious because we just sort of free~balled the situation and pretended like everything was normal when we were shooting. He motivated us to focus on our intentions. Bruce is a very important ‘pre~code’ filmaker. Because of him... punk rock boys everywhere blossomed into glamourous porn stars and artists." - Kembra Pfhaler - NYC, 2009

"Kembra Pfahler (Born August 4, 1961) is an American performance artist, rock musician and actress. As a performance artist she has been recognized on every "Top 10 List" published during the past quarter century. Her graphic depictions of the horror, repetition, degradation, and sheer misery of the human condition have been recognized as insightfully accurate in art curricula globally. Her humanistically centered positions on Feminism and  Post Beat Ban The Bomb Politics has moved a generation." - Wikipedia

"LaBruce was born Bryan Bruce in Tiverton, Ontario, and wrote for Cineaction magazine, curated by Robin Wood, his teacher. He first gained public attention with the publication of the queer punk zine J.D.s, which he co-edited with G.B. Jones. He currently writes and photographs for a variety of publications including Vice, and BlackBook magazine, and has made a number of films which merged the artistic techniques of independent film with gay pornography."

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The Wall of Vagina - Kembra Pfhaler & Bruce la bruce - book cover