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You Get What You Give - Spring 2008

You Get What You Give Less than a month left in the Spring Edition of the You Get What You Give series. The final day of Spring is June 20th. Submit your artworks by then to be included in the Spring edition.

You are invited to take part in the project

The premise is to install a free piece of art for the general public. Knowing that other people from around the world will be doing the same thing. Photographs of the artwork will be collected and a free downloadable zine will be produced and distributed through the Anteism website. You share a piece of art and receive a multitude more in return.

What do I have to do?

Create and share. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, produce something and install it for all to see. Then photograph your public artwork. You can even photograph the transition of what happens to the art and the effects it has on the people viewing it. Then send the photos to along with your name, country, city and cross streets or area description of where the art is installed. Sit back and wait for your gift to multiply and return to you. An online zine will be produced and you will be emailed a link to where you can download the finished book. At the conclusion of the project an actual zine will printed and co-produced by Islands Fold. (Please send the photos in Maximum quality Jpg or Tiff format. The higher image size the better, but we will try to make whatever resolution we receive work)

How and When?

The Spring Volume will be produced between March 20th - June 20th, 2008. All artwork must be displayed and submitted within this time-line.

Final Production of all four volumes.

A printed zine with “selected works” will be printed and co-produced with Islands Fold Publishing The proceeds from the sales of the book will go towards the Not For Profit - Islands Fold artist residency and making future Anteism projects happen.

You Get What You Give - Vol1 - PDF Zine You can Download the first volume of the project to view the art displayed in the last issue.

Here are some samples of works people have sent in so far for the Spring Issue. Anteism - You Get What You Give Anteism - You Get What You Give Anteism - You Get What You Give Anteism - You Get What You Give