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Abracadabra Exhibition & Book Launch

Abracadabra Exhibition & Book Launch PosterThe countdown is on.... Only 10 DAYS till our set-up begins (JULY 16, 17, and before opening JULY 18th!) The city (Victoria) is covered in posters, articles are being published in the Metropolitan, Monday Magazine, Focus and the Times Colonist. The books have arrived in Vancouver. Shaw TV, A Channel and others are going to be coming down to the space to promo the event. The buzz is starting to spread! We have heard from a lot of you in regards to ideas and plans for the show...thankyou! it all sounds wonderful so far.

Heres some last minute details: Art Taxi Service: Tuesday Evening, JULY 15th (Night Before Set-Up) We have a van and are available to pick up artwork that is too big or heavy to carry or bring in by bike. If any of you need help with bringing art to the space, please call us (250) 383-3866 and we will be glad to arrange a stop.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16TH: Set-Up Begins If any of you want to collaborate or take part in on-site painting + installation, we are going to be Behind Value Village all today. Space is going to be tight with between 30-40 artists so the earlier everyone comes down the better we can see where everyone is going to go.

THURSDAY, JULY 17TH: More all day (all night?) set-up time. See you there

FRIDAY, JULY 18TH: Last Minute Wonders up untill OPENING NIGHT 8PM

SATURDAY, JULY 19TH: Gallery Hours (10am-6pm) BIKE RACE PARTY @ 10pm

SUNDAY, JULY 20TH: Gallery Hours (10am-6pm)

MONDAY, JULY 21ST: Gallery Hours (10am-6pm) CLOSING NIGHT  8PM

TUESDAY, JULY 22ND: Take Down and Massive Appeal to artists to help remove artwork + clean up. We appreciate any help you guys can give making the Sunset Room appear as though our show magically disappeared.