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KRAZY! @ the Vancouver Art Gallery

Krazy at the Vancouver Art Gallery ( VAG )

I wasn't that KRAZY! about the current show at the VAG. It was worth seeing, but felt like I had missed something after the experience. I slipped between the cracks of the target audience the VAG was going for. The show seems to be directed towards people who have no prior contact with the comic industry and for the die hards that want to see original sketches etc. I had hoped to gleen an inside look into the artists and their work, but ended up seeing allot of pages from comics I have read. What else could the VAG done, to make the experience more fulfilling? I don't know. Projecting Akira on 4 opposing walls of an enormous room seems like filler to me. KRAZY! puts comics & anime on a fine art pedestal which I believe they deserve to be, but they don't seem to be comfortable standing up there.

Krazy at the Vancouver Art Gallery ( VAG )

Jeff Ladouceur - Inflatable Character at the VAG

The huge inflatable character created by Jeff Ladouceur hanging from the front of the VAG. By the time we got to check the show the character had deflated. It seemed fitting. Photo to come, I have to get the film developed...

I'm still digesting the show so don't have much to add to the debate, but you can read more about what others think of the KRAZY! show at the VAG here:

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