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Brain Trust Artshow @ Magic Pony, Toronto

BRAIN TRUSTAn exhibition of artwork from the book Brain Trust - by Peter Thompson and James Kirkpatrick

Brain Trust Sample Pages

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 25 from 7-10pm Artists will be in attendance Location: Magic Pony 694 Queen St. West Toronto, ON, Canada 416-861-1684

Exhibition Dates: June 22 - 28, 2009

Event Description: A showcase of artwork from the book Brain Trust, by Peter Thompson and James Kirkpatrick (aka Thesis). Both hailing from London, ON, James and Peter are a dynamic artist duo focused primarily drawing and collage. Their artwork has a non-linear narrative that incorporates a psuedo comic-book aesthetic and multiple references to pop culture. Collaboration is a major part of their creative process and they rarely do commercial projects, choosing instead to continually experiment with spontaneous drawing practices and installation work.

Brain Trust is a compilation of collaborative drawings and paintings produced by the prodigious pair. It contains a foreward by Marc Bell and introduction by Paul Bright, and features art collaborations with Marc Bell, Beau Labute, Jason McLean, Nicholas Di Genova, Jennifer Robertson, Steph Davidson, Steve Debruyn and Rosie Cook.

Book Details: 8.5 x 8.5 inches. 96 pages. Edition of 1000. Printed and bound in Canada by Anteism.

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