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Keith Jones @ Hunter & Cook Gallery

Keith Jones at Hunter and Cook Gallery in Toronto, June 5, 2009. Comic extravaganza - and garbage. Camera: Jeremy Bailey  / Editor: Ryan Edwards / Host: Nadja Sayej

Keith Jones makes more garbage than Fisher Price, in a good way. His drawings look like an apocalypse after a nuclear toybox explosion. Gasmasked survivors running around stealing hub caps and rummaging through the crap. Stray animals seem to be less concerned with all the odds and ends than the freak humans. I've noticed Keiths artwork as a timeline to Nobodyland. His earlier work had people driving around in their cars and everything was relatively normal. Then one day, I don't know when, shit hit the fan so to say. And there was garbage eveywhere. In the begining people seemed to get along because they had all the crap they needed around them. As time progresses in Nobodyland human nature rears it's ugly head and the guns come out. I'm not sure what everyone is fighting about, maybe they're clausterphobic? What's the next step after humans blow the shit out of each other?The word on the street is the animals are gaining strength...

Hunter and Cook also publishes a great big art magazine, which is published three times a year. Here's a list of places where you can buy it