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Charlotte Cynthia Walton - Givers

Art show by Charlotte Cynthia Walton If your in Vancouver you definitely have to check out "Givers" an art show displaying the work of Charlotte Cynthia Walton. The show runs from July 26 through till Sept 01, 2008 at El Kartel on Robson Street in Vancouver.

This show is all about the givers in my life the ones who have kept me strong and sentimental, the people who give constantly and don't ask for anything in return, bless your hearts this is a celebration for you!  Each of us brings inspiration and guidance to this beautiful world. We are all brilliant as brilliant as we want to shine. Much love has gone into making this for you, and I hope much love will continue to inspire others to do just things in this life. The more you practice your ideals the easier it will be for you to become them. For me it is being sincere, creative, and taking care to give more than I take from this earth.

Charlotte setting up the show.

Panorama photo from the end of the night.