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Troy Lovegates Limited Edtion Linoprint Book

Anteism is proud to release "Stolen Land" a folio book of beautiful linoprints by artist OTHER / Troy Lovegates

The book is best explained by the artist himself.

" 2 years ago I received a grant from the Canadian Council for the Arts to create a book of linoleum prints about the rusty old freight train yards of Canada, the inhabitants, the vacancy, the vagrancy, the silence…..

Finally I present to you ”Stolen Land” by Troy Lovegates a.k.a Other, which comprises 100 limited edition handmade books.

Each book contains 14 hand-carved linoleum prints about trains that have been hand-printed on 100% cotton archival paper (Arches or Somerset). The book is bound with 13”x13” archival envelopes and within each envelope is a loose print. It is a collector’s edition so you may either hang the print or, of course, keep it within the book.

The linoleum from which the paper prints were made in a reductive manner: meaning that when a new layer of the linoleum is cut it is actually carved out of the previous layer. Therefore it is impossible to make further prints of these images since the linoleum was destroyed as the prints were created.

Although there are 14 pages (prints) in each book, there were 20 different prints made for this project. For 7 of the images, less than 100 prints were made. In fact some images are quite rare with 14 to 39 prints made, depending on how many of the images came out with my wooden spoon. Each book will contain 3 images (prints) of which fewer than 100 prints were successfully made.

The book itself is bound in many different colours and each of the end pages has different images of trains on them as well as stamps of my drawings on the envelopes and other treats."

For more info about the book please contact us.  | Purchase "Stolen Land"

Hope For Haiti Poster Project

hope for haiti poster project

Print a poster at Olio for The Haiti Poster Project

In an effort to raise $1 000 000 for Doctors Without Borders, the HAITI POSTER PROJECT seek limited edition sets of posters from artists, designers and design firms from around the world to be sold online.

If you’ve yet to make a donation or aren’t able to, Olio will be donating screenprinting equipment, studio time & printing help to any Victoria artists willing to produce a print for the project – PLEASE take advantage of this, as this is a hugely worthwhile project. The project concept is simple – As designers, we have the collective ability to do what we love, AND to create a difference. THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT has been conceived as a collective effort by the design community to unite and effect change through our work.  In order for this project to be successful, we are counting on designer participation.

Commit to having a print ready by March 5th and Olio will donate the studio time, films, screens, printing supplies and shipping costs needed to make it happen.  You need to supply your own paper & ink, though that’s it.

Time is VERY pressing – get in touch with Olio ( ASAP.  This is a very awesome opportunity and you would be foolish to sit it out.

Visit: The Haiti Poster Project site

THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT seeks limited edition sets of posters from artists, designers and design firms from around the world. The donated posters will be sold online to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. As designers, we have the collective ability to do what we love, AND to create a difference. THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT has been conceived as a collective effort by the design community to unite and effect change through our work. In order for this project to be successful, we are counting on designer participation. Our goal is to raise at least:


  • DEADLINE: March 15th. Submissions after March 15th will also be accepted, but given the timeliness of the situation, we strongly encourage designers to meet this deadline.
  • Posters should be specific to the earthquake in Haiti or THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT.
  • The posters may be graphic or typographic.
  • The posters should be signed and numbered editions in quantities of 25 to 100. The posters should not be one-offs.
  • Minimum size is 11‚Äù x 17‚Äù. (Ideal size: 18‚Äù x 24‚Äù.) Poster can be produced by litho, digital or silk-screen print.
  • Posters may include credits for vendors who have donated supplies or services, but please keep them small and unobtrusive.
  • Artists will be responsible for designing, printing, and delivering the posters to HAITI POSTER PROJECT. Although we would like to print them, we don‚Äôt have the resources to coordinate all of the printing ourselves.
  • We encourage international submissions.
  • All submissions will become property of THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT, and will be sold to raise funds for the Doctors Without Borders earthquake disaster relief effort. Several posters from each donated set will be retained for possible future exhibition or publication.
  • When you‚Äôve finished your design, please email a PDF or JPEG of finished poster for the site to: (At least 380px x 480px, please.) Please also include the title of the poster, your name (as you‚Äôd like it to appear) and a short paragraph about you and your poster.
  • The March 15th deadline is flexible. With the Hurricane Poster Project in 2005, we were receiving posters six months after the deadline. Please be prompt. More importantly ‚Äî Please participate.
  • The Haiti Poster Project is not a juried show. All submissions will be posted, provided they are specific to Haiti or the Haiti Poster Project. The end goal: Raise money for earthquake victims in Haiti. If you design a poster, we will include it in the project. The Hurricane Poster Project had 185 famous and not-so-famous contributors, but the end result was a beautiful cross-section of the design community as a whole.


If you have questions or need more information, please contact: Leif Steiner — Josh Higgins —

Please ship poster submissions to: Haiti Poster Project, c/o Merch Lackey, Inc. 8510 Production Ave. San Diego, CA 92121 USA

PLEASE PACKAGE WELL. DAMAGED POSTERS ARE HARD TO SELL Click here to download a pdf of this page

Looking for a printer? Check your local area. Many printers will give a discount if you ask.

Additionally, here are two printers who have offered to give reduced prices for participants of The Haiti Poster Project.

LEIF STEINER is the founder and creative director of Moxie Sozo, a nationally-known design and advertising agency located in Boulder, Colorado. In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Moxie Sozo organized the HURRICANE POSTER PROJECT, a collaboration of artists and designers from around the world to help raise money for the victims. Over 180 different limited-edition series of posters were produced, raising about $50,000. Many of the posters won major design awards, and the effort was profiled in numerous publications. Exhibitions of the show appeared around the country and in Europe. Additionally, many of the posters are now in permanent collections of several major museums, including the Library of Congress and the Louvre.

JOSH HIGGINS is a creative director in San Diego CA, and the organizer of the 2007 SO-CAL FIRE POSTER PROJECT. After seeing wildfires burn through Southern California in the fall of 2007, Josh enlisted designers and artists around the globe to help. Higgins, who was a contributing artist to the post-Katrina Hurricane Poster Project, founded the So-Cal Fire Poster Project to raise money for victims in southern California. Several of the projects posters have won design awards from Communication Arts, HOW, Print and Step Magazine. The Project was also featured on NBC, FOX, Metropolis Magazine, Communication Arts and California Home and Style. To date the project has raised thousands of dollars and continues to be a relief fund source for fire victims 2 and a half years later.

Canadian Artist "Other" / Troy Lovegates Book

We wanted to give you guys a quick sneak peak preview of a project we are really excited to be working on. This video showcases a mockup which demonstrates what the limited edition Other book will look like. There will be 100 copies of the hand bound hardcover produced. These copies include a screen-printed cover, block printed endpages printed by the artist himself, embossed title page (that's where you see the hand doing a little circle in the video). This full colour book will highlight murals,trains and snapshots by Mr Troy Lovegates.  Sign-up on our mailing list to get an advanced heads up before the book goes on sale. The 100 limited copies are expected to go near instantly. Look forward to the book coming out in early 2010.

Other aka Troylovegate's new hardcover book by Anteism

Other aka Troylovegate's new book by Anteism

2 Free Art Prints with Purchase on Anteism

Anteism is giving away 2 free prints with any purchase through our online shop while supplies last. These prints were produced while setting up our new press. They are glitchy and every print is a little different. We call that character.

“Charcoal” was a famous aboriginal outlaw in Fort Macleod, Alberta. This print was created based on a photograph taken just days prior to the execution of Charcoal. The clothes in the portrait were provided by the photographer (Steele). The large hat was used by the condemned man to hide his handcuffs.

• 3 colour print • 8.5 x 11 inches • Edition of 50 • Signed and numbered by the artist • View more images and add to cart.

This do it yourself poster comes in 6 tiles which you can put together to make this 19 x 22 inch poster. Great for wheat pasting. Poster free with any purchase through Anteism.

• Two Colour Print • Edition of 100 • View more images and add to cart

Artist Spoof's Banksy Artwork & Sells Postcard

The artist SpooF has released a limited edition postcard which spoofs a recent Banksy artwork. The Banksy artwork is a piece of stone engraved with a Pablo Picasso quote "The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal." Picasso's name has been scratched out and scrawled underneath "BANKSY".

SpooF has taken/stolen these ready-made images from the internet and repackaged them as a postcard / print. The postcard is a statement of how art works it's way into mainstream culture and commerce as well as questions ownership of ideas and moral issues of copyright infringement.

These SpooF / Banksy / Picasso postcards are available through Anteism while supplies last. Purchase Postcard /Print.

Homeless, Not Helpless - Art Print Charity



PRINT NAME: “HOMELESS, NOT HOPELESS”  ( H.N.H. ) EDITION SIZE: 100. All prints are screen printed and hand finished with watercolor by ABOVE. EXTRA FEATURES: 100% of all the profits will be donated to the T.P.I. (TRANSITION PROJECTS// ) homeless shelter in Portland, Oregon. U.S.A. /// ABOVE spent extra time in personally hand coloring each print with watercolor in addition to custom embossing, signing and numbering each print ** PAPER SIZE/COLORS: 15 inches X 22 inches (38cm. X 56cm.) PRINTED ON ARCHIVAL LENNOX-100 250 GSM PAPER.  1-black layer “Halftone” printing with individual hand watercolor from ABOVE.


LIMIT PER PERSON: Due to the fact that this is a non-profit fundraiser, there is no limit per person. Our goal is to generate and sell out this print before December 24th so we can donate the money as soon as possible. We want as much support as possible!



“After last years positively large response to the “GIVING TO THE POOR” print where 100% of all those profits were donated to 2 selected homeless shelters I wanted to again get involved this year with the homeless community and address the serious issues of homelessness and more specific the homeless situation in Portland, Oregon. I learned a lot of information during the 5-weeks I rode my bike around Portland listening to different homeless individual’s stories. I also talked with the administrators of different homeless shelters to understand their perspectives on homelessness, what they provide, and how they help transition homeless individuals off the streets. Being homeless takes on many different forms regardless to age, race, or education. Often times, but not always many homeless individuals haven’t or don’t have the basic life skills or resources to transition off the streets. It’s with shelters like TRANSITION PROJECTS who offer recovery programs, life skills classes and most of all compassion and a non-judgmental attitude that helps those living on the streets learn the life tools to help them make a permanent transition off the streets.

After taking photos of the homeless individuals that allowed me, I chose to print the image of “POET” and his very clever/humorous sign. Ask any comedian and they will tell you that using humor can make you laugh and temporarily take the edge off a very serious issue or topic. This is not to say that this print is suppose to be funny or a joke because homelessness is a serious fucking issue and it’s no laughing matter!!  My goal with the “homeless, not hopeless” print is for you to hang it in your home as a constant reminder that there are those sleeping in the street everynight that are less fortunate and call the street their home. I want it to remind you to be grateful for what you have and to also give help, assistance, and compassion to others lacking basic needs for living.

The majority of the homeless individuals I listened to spoke very highly about “T.P.I” (TRANSITION PROJECTS) ( their services, and recovery programs. I will be donating 100% of all the profits from the “homeless, not hopeless” print to the Transition projects shelter and recovery center.  *I highly suggest you visit Transition Projects website to learn more about their services and standing role in the Portland community. If you can’t afford a print or if it is already sold out then please feel free to donate a financial contribution directly through T.P.I’s website or to a homeless shelter in your own community! Homelessness is a global issue so please get involved in your own community and help support with donations and compassion. A little help from everyone adds up to makes a big difference!! Thank you.” -Above.

Buy the print.


Rifflandia Concert Poster Screenprints

livestock The Rifflandia Music Festival starts tonight here in Victoria, British Columbia. Anteism worked with Olio , who have commissioned 12 premier poster artists from throughout North America to celebrate this year’s festival’s performers with 12 original posters to be printed & framed as numbered edition 18x24” serigraphs. The result - Live!Stock 09, Posters can be viewed around Victoria in store windows, the Rifflandia headquarters on lower Pandora and in the Olio Gallery.

Olio 614 1/2 Fisgard Street. The exhibition is open throughout Rifflandia from Noon-8pm, with viewing hours otherwise being Mon-Fri 4-8pm and Sat-Sun Noon-5pm.

Live!Stock 09 Artists Roster Travis Bone, Furturtle Printworks (US) - • Pink Mountaintops Sat. Sept 26th • Sugar Michael DeForge (ON) - • Cuff the Duke Fri. Sept. 25th • Sugar Evan Pine (BC) •Tegan & Sara Friday Sept. 25th • Alix Goolden Hall Shawn O’Keefe (BC) - • Final Fantasy Thurs. Sept. 24 • Alix Goolden Hall Matt Pfahlert (US) - • Mother Mother Fri. Sept. 25 • Market Square Brandon Velestuk (BC) - • Beach House Thurs. Sept. 24 • Sugar Christopher Bradford (BC) - • Bogus Tokus Sat. Sept. 26 • Lucky Bar Meaghan MacDonald (BC) • Holy Fuck Sat. Sept. 26 • Element Trevor Basset (US) - • Johnny & the Moon Thurs. Sept 24 • Sugar Joey MacDonald (BC) - • Basia Bulat Thurs. Sept 24 • Metro Theatre Ryan Thompson (BC) - • Buck 65 Sat. Sept 26 • Market Square Julie McLaughlin (AB) - • Timber TimbreThurs. Sept 24 • Alix Goolden Hall

Some snap shot photos of the poster screen printing process. From screen to final product.

[gallery link="file"]

Ruins in Process - Vancouver Art in the 60's


Ruins In Process is a research archive and educational resource that brings together still and moving images, ephemera, essays and interviews to explore the diverse artistic practices of Vancouver art in the 1960s and early 1970s. Drawn from private collections and archives as well as public sources, it uses the capacity of the internet as an ideal medium to present the interdisciplinary activities and technologies that emerged at that time. With hundreds of images, texts, audio and video recordings, Ruins In Process will reward repeat visits and ongoing research. Read More.

The site is really nicely designed but a bit of a pain to browse. It's navigation is awkward but it's worth sifting through. The first thing I dove into were the books and prints here are some samples from the print section.

Title: Untitled  Artist: Bodo Pfeifer  Date: 1968  Format: Print [silkscreen]  Location: Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery

Title: Screen Test  Artist: Michael Morris  Date: 1967  Format: Print

Other / Troy Lovegates Art & Prints For Sale

Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Artwork For Sale

Artist known as "Other" aka. Troy Lovegates has some beautiful original artworks and hand printed linocuts for sale through his Flickr site. Check them out. If you can't reach him give us a shout and and we'll forward his email.

hello everyone.... i am sending you all some new images printed this summer and a couple of paintings i have raise funds to pay my wonderful printer who i printed linoleums with all summer in boiling hot manhattan..... there are thirty prints of each different image available and three original paintings on wood here is a price list of the images.

Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Original Artwork For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Original Prints For Sale Canadian Artist Other / Troy Lovegates Original Artwork For Sale

Islands Fold ScreenPrints @ Olio

I had the awesome experience working with Islands Folder Luke Ramsey and Joey from Olio Co-operative ( an amazing co-op screen printing studio here in Victoria ) to produce a couple of zines and a print. These were some of Luke's first prints which he produced by himself. They turned out awesome! You can purchase the zines/print through Islands Fold. If you are interested in learning to screen print on flatstock (paper) or t-shirts get ahold of Joey through the Olio website or me through our website. Screenprinting can be a very frustrating process, working out of an apartment with basic equipment. Olio has a beautiful work space with awesome equipment and is a great opportunity to get you started printing.

superfunsexytime by Bang and Jon Boam


Catmosphere by Scott Barry & Luke Ramsey

BOKAY #001 - Ryan Thompson

*Click the following links to expand/close info
What's BOKAY?
Bokay (Bokeh from the Japanese boke ぼけ, “blur”) is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens.

The Bokay PhotoGiving Project aims to focus on photographers and their work while allowing the opportunity to share the artwork with our peers. It’s easy to overlook photography as a fine art. We are inundated with photographic images daily through advertisement and other media. Photos are so common we may overlook and neglect their importance as art. This project strives to showcase photography as a Fine Art and to help give some white space around the work of talented photographers.

How Does The Project Work?

Here’s how the project works:

Anteism scours the earth for impressive and inspirational photography. We highlight the work of one of these photographers. The photographer's artwork is displayed on the Anteism website along with an interview and a limited number of prints for sale. The prints will be limited to an edition of 25. These prints can be purchased for yourself or sent as a BOKAY to anyone. Think of the BOKAY like a traditional Bokay of flowers. It's sent to a loved one, a friend or anyone you would like to thank. We will personalize the certificate and mail the photo BOKAY off to your recipient. The BOKAY contains an 8√ó10 photo print of your chosen photo + an ornate numbered certificate. These certificates state who has sent the print along with a description about the project and edition information. Example of a BOKAY certificate.


*Text from certificate. —————————————————— Bokay - PhotoGiving Project

Bokay or Bokeh comes from the Japanese boke ぼけ, “blur”) and is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens.

The Bokay PhotoGiving Project aims to focus on photographers and their work, while sharing this artwork with the people important to us. It’s easy to overlook photography as being an art. We are inundated with photographic images daily through advertisement and other media. Photos are so common we may overlook and neglect their importance as art. This project aims to bring focus to photography as a Fine Art and to help give some white space around the work of talented photographers. It is also a dedication to the people of importance in our lives. This Bokay is dedicated to you.

This Bokay has been sent by ___________ on April 1st 2008. This photograph is # 01 in an edition of 25.”

Purchase a BOKAY
Send a Bokay to a friend, loved one or yourself. • View the BOKAY catalog of photographers • View our catalog of available BOKAYS (Prints for sale)

Anteism /  BOKAY Project #001 - Ryan Thompson

"Spread Eagle"- Rats with wings. Shit hawks. Angels.

Spread Eagle is a photo series about the common seagull. A romantic look at the flight of the seagull in between gorging. After reading Richard Bach's best-selling book "Jonathon Livingston Seagull" photographer Ryan Thompson wanted to capture the potential and character of the average seagull. Livingston wrote "For most gulls, it's not flying that matters, but eating." It's this potential of doing great things to accomplish the mundane that Thompson finds most interesting. He believes that Seagulls gained the ability to fly because of their burning desire for food. They may not recognize all they have accomplished because of their never ending hunger.

Spread Eagle #1 © Ryan Thompson 2009
Spread Eagle #1 © Ryan Thompson 2009

Info/Purchase "Spread Eagle" Print #1

Spread Eagle #2 © Ryan Thompson 2009
Spread Eagle #2 © Ryan Thompson 2009

Info/Purchase "Spread Eagle" Print #2

Spread Eagle #3 © Ryan Thompson 2009
Spread Eagle #3 © Ryan Thompson 2009

Info/Purchase "Spread Eagle" Print #3

Spread Eagle #4 © Ryan Thompson 2009
Spread Eagle #4 © Ryan Thompson 2009

Info/Purchase "Spread Eagle" Print #4

Spread Eagle #5 © Ryan Thompson 2009
Spread Eagle #5 © Ryan Thompson 2009

Info/Purchase "Spread Eagle" Print #5

Spread Eagle #6 © Ryan Thompson 2009
Spread Eagle #6 © Ryan Thompson 2009

Info/Purchase "Spread Eagle" Print #6

Josef V√°chal - Printmaker, Painter and Poet


Josef Vachal was born on the 23rd of September 1884, in the village of Milavce in south-west Bohemia, not far from the fabled forest region of Sumava the artist would adore for most of his life. But, he was not raised there, nor was his childhood a happy one: Vachal had been born a bastard son. He would never experience the grace of a normal family upbringing, but would be raised by his grandparents instead, in the south Bohemian town of Pisek. Only when he began to grow wayward in school in his early teens, did his father finally intervene, sending the boy to study bookbinding in Prague, a decision that had a major impact on Vachal's future artistic career. In Prague Vachal would be inspired to begin drawing and painting, and knowledge of hand-printing and hand-binding of books would become dominant tools in the artist's trade.

Read More.

After communist revolution of 1948 in Czechoslovakia, he became a banned author for his anticommunist views; also the house and property of his girlfriend in eastern Bohemia were confiscated. During this time he earned his only money by illegal distributing, because he was not member of official communist artist guild, of his older works of art. And being that he was not a guild member, he could not be an official artist which meant that he was unemployed, criminal offence under communism. In 1960s living in destitution; being hungry most days, drinking water made of snow, and sleeping with all of his clothes because of cold, he refused to allow the communists to prepare any exhibition of his works, although they tried to get him to collaborate with them


Steven Harrington - Interview

Steven Harrington from Arkitip, Inc.

Harrington's work is influenced by Time-Life Encyclopedias 1965-1972, thrift stores and the 60s pysch sounds of The Moody Blues, his art might be termed 'contextual objectivism'.

"Our Mountain", is a traveling art experience with works by Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer.  The exhibit will start in Paris then travels on through Barcelona, Milan and Berlin.

Glossary of Art Print / Edition Terms.

Why do artists really sign prints? It makes them worth more$$$? Makes the print more of an original because the artist has come in contact with the print? To authenticate ? I think a signature should be used as a method of showing that the artist has approved the print. The artist is stating that this print is of quality in visual craftsmanship and longevity. Think twice before signing your name to a laser copier print or other unarchival medium. In my opinion there is no problem selling low cost colour copy prints (in open editions), but by signing them your telling the buyer that this is a true piece of art. I don't think this is a fair practice when shortly down the line the print is faded and all that's left is the ink from your signature.

I've compiled a glossary of the different kinds of print editions, terms and what they're all about. This section will be updated from time to time as I learn and re-learn about the subject.

Chop Mark A small design like a logo which displays the company or person who printed or sold the print. Printers use a chop mark to show that the print was created in their studio. Publishers use a chop mark to show that they commissioned and published the edition. Dealers and galleries also sometimes add their chop mark to show that they sold the print.

Reproduction A copy of an original piece of art by means of a photograph or digital scan. This duplication is then printed by offset printer, Giclée (High Quality Ink Jet - Iris Printer) or any mechanical method where the artist does not have a hand in the printing.

Edition The number of prints made of one design on a matrix. The artist chooses the number of prints in the edition. The prints are as similar as possible and are matched to one print which the artist selects as perfect (bon à tirer). As an example the prints are marked 1/25, 2/25, 3/25 which would be the third print out of a total of twenty five prints. After printing the edition the printing plate should be defaced or destroyed.

Special Edition Special Edition prints are numbered in Roman Numerals (e.g.  X/XV). They are created to commemorate a special occasion or use of a canceled plate which creates a similar but different print. These prints have a Roman numeral "II" after the title.

Preferred Edition A preferred edition is similar to a special edition but usually is printed on a better or different paper than the rest of the edition.

Varied Edition The artist purposely makes changes throughout the edition such as ink & paper colour.

Artist's Proof Formerly, when an artist was commissioned to execute a print, he was provided with lodging and living expenses, a printing studio and workmen, supplies and paper. The artist was given a portion of the edition (to sell) as payment for his work. Today, while artists get paid for their editions, the tradition of the "artist's proof" has remained. Artist's proofs are usually annotated "Artist Proof," "A.P.," "Épreuve d'Artiste" or "E.A." Artists Proofs should not be more than 10% of the total edition size or 5 prints in small editions. A.P. are considered more valuable because of the quantity made and the connection they have with the artist. Unfortunately this convention has been abused and at times there have been more artists proofs than regular prints in an edition.

Trial Proof A working proof. Pulled before the edition, to see what the print looks like at a stage of development; this differs from the edition. There can be any number of trial proofs, but usually it is a small number and each one differs from the others.

Bon à tirer Bon à tirer means "good to pull" in French. It is also called R.T.P (Ready to Print) in the US. If the artist is not printing his own edition, the bon à tirer proof is the final trial proof. There is usually only one of these proofs. This is the trial proof that the artist approves, telling the printer that this is the way he wants the edition to look; it is often accompanied by printing notes, such as paper, ink or inking process and it is the one print used as a reference for the printing of the whole edition.

Cancellation Proof At the end of an edition the plate is to be defaced so no more prints can be made. A cancellation proof is print made which shows the defaced plate.

Printer's Proof A complimentary copy of the print given to the publisher. There can be from one to several of these proofs, depending on how many craftsmen (printers) were involved in the production of the print.

Hors Commerce Proofs annotated "H.C." are supposedly "not for sale." These "proofs" started appearing on the market as part of editions printed in the late 1960s. These proofs are meant for business use only and can become worn and damaged from handling.

Presentation Proof Identical to the edition but usually reserved as gifts.

Posthumous Edition is one printed from a matrix after the death of an artist.

Remarqué The practice of adding a small personal drawing near the signature in the margin. Similar to a chop but is hand drawn and therefore different each print.

Restrike Restrike is the term used for a print made from a canceled plate.

Suite A term for a series of prints done by an individual artist or a series of artists based on a theme. They may be sold individually or separately.

Dedicated Print A print signed and dedicated to family, a friend or publisher.

Imp Imp comes from the latin "has printed it" and means that the artist has printed the print personally.

Multiple A print that does not belong to an edition. The artist or publisher has chosen not to set a limit to the number of print made. Often called an open edition.

Brain Trust - Peter Thompson & Thesis

I'm excited to announce an upcoming book Anteism is working on with Peter Thompson and Thesis (James Kirkpatrick). The book is titled "Brain Trust" and will showcase the collaborative drawings Peter and James have been working on for years. The book will be available mid September, in an edition of only 350 copies. Each copy will contain a signed screen-print. Get em' while they last.

View some of the duo's collab work on Peter's Flikr Page * Check out Jame's Myspace page ( Thesis Sahib ) for a few good tunes. If your into Subtle you gotta take a listen.