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Free Drawings Newspaper Available @ Anteism

Free Drawings - Newspaper - # 5 Anteism will be distributing the radical FREE DRAWINGS Newspaper published by Jesjit Gill in Toronto. Free Drawings is a free newspaper showcasing nothing but awesome drawings and comics. The newspaper format is great because it allows for huge full page images. The paper when unfolded expands to 17" wide  by 23" high. We will be adding the newspaper in all our online orders. If you would like a copy of the newspaper we can mail you one, because it is FREE!!! Although postage is not... Give me an email if you would like a copy and I'll send one out to you. Postage should be no more than $2 in North America.

The current issue is #5 and includes artwork by Andrew Bailey, Joshua Bastien, Rudolph Bikkers, Bruno Borges, Marja Bui, Lisa Czech, Clare Cosco, Mark Connery, Morgan Criger, Robert Dayton, Mark Delong, Tomas Del Balso, Ryan Dodgson, Noel Friebert, Ramy Gorgis, Kevin Hainey, Natalie Halford, David Hanes, Keith Herzik, Reid Jenkins, Jacob Jurkiewicz, Peter Kalynuik, Stephanie Kervin, Zane Kozak, Patrick Kyle, Nicole Legault, Doran McAtamney, Laura McCoy, Jason McLean, Julii McMillan, Alicia Selbie, Sally Sheeks, Valerie Sury, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Peter Thompson, Davis Weir, Andrew Wilson, Stefan Whitem, Andrew Zukerman.