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Us Ones In Between Exhibition Catalog

Us Ones In Between Exhibition Catalog Us Ones In Between is a catalog published by Open Space Gallery and Anteism that coincides with the exhibition of the same name. Us Ones In Between recognizes eight prolific artists from Victoria, British Columbia who look for little or no critique from an audience outside their trusted peer group. They create works from drawing, paintings and sculpture to embroidery, assemblage and video.

Us Ones In Between Book - Caitlin Gallupe Page Spread

The goal of the exhibition is to take the artwork from these artists homes and place it in a larger arena. The Us Ones In Between catalog showcases the graphic colourful pattern paintings by Cam Kidd, the fine lined drawings and collage by Ty Danylchuck, the psychedelic landscapes of Caitlin Gallupe, the fluid dream like illustrations of Erik Volet, Cody Haight's intricate repeating kaleidoscoping patterns, Eden Veudry's original abstract crochet and video works, the worn wood collaged installations of Liam Hanna-Loyd and the smooth 8bit paintings of Brooke Semple.

Us Ones In Between Book - Erik Volet Page Spread

Us Ones In Between Catalog: • 5.5"x 5.5" • 60 Colour Pages • Limited Edition of 250 • Printed & Bound in Canada • ISBN 978-895532-24-1 • Featuring Artists : Ty Danylchuck, Caitlin Gallupe, Cameron Kidd, Erik Volet, Cody Haight, Eden Veudry, Liam Hanna-Loyd and Brooke Semple. • Foreward by Nicholas Robins and Essay by Marlaina Buch.

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Us Ones In Between Book - Cody Haight Page Spread

Us Ones In Between Book - Essay by Marlain Buch