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IMYGRATE Artist Profile: Charlotte Cynthia Walton

Charlotte Cynthia Walton

Victoria artist Charlotte Cynthia Walton has been an important contributor to Anteism projects and publications since day one. Charlotte's work spans multiple mediums from paper cut-outs, 3 dimensional paper sculpture, drawing and painting. Her work combines classical photo realist drawings, abstract decorations and simplified anime-like illustrations.

Charlotte has contributed two characters to the IMYGRATE Project. Join us for the exhibition launch on February 19th, 2010.

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Artist Charlotte Cynthia Walton

Pith – {The Heart Of}{The Essence} is a zine by Charlotte AKA C.C. Walton. The zine highlights works from Charlotte’s sketchbook, scans from 3 dimensional paper sculptures and paper cut-outs. Charlotte has also published work in Manuscribbles & Abracadabra