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IMYGRATE Artist Profile: Luke Ramsey

Luke Ramsey

Artwork, zines, art residency and new solo show entitle PrETTY PROBLEMS.

Luke Ramsey of Islands Fold has been a huge contributor and supporter of Anteism since day one. His artwork, zines and artist residency has played a vital role in an art scene based around drawing and good people. Luke has a character in the IMYGRATE show, which ended it's trip in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Visit the IMYGRATE Exhibition on February 19th to see the artwork of Luke Ramsey and 103 other International artists.

I'm also very excited about a solo exhibition Luke is having at El Kartel in Vancouver on February 6th, 2010. The show is entitled Pretty Problems.

There are also a number of other great art events happening around Vancouver during the Olympics, such as Monster at the West Vancouver Museum which will showcase the artwork of  Marcel Dzama, Shary Boyle and Howie Tsui among others. Another great exhibition / project is "Here is Now". HERE IS NOW  is a series of “pop-up” exhibitions that features the work of contemporary Vancouver artists shown within the unconventional space. The intention of Here Is Now is to view the exhibits themselves as an overall installation, through the exploration of time and space, creating an aesthetic that varies in participation, duration and negotiates and reconfigures the use of the unconventional space. Through this approach we wish to create a movement that focuses on what Is Here Now.

Pretty Problems Art Show Luke Ramsey El Kartel