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MADEINVIC Photography Project

MADEINVIC 100 Cameras Photography Project is dedicated to documenting the people in Victoria who make things in Victoria.

Ever wondered what the world looks like through someone else's eyes? Us too. So we're asking 100 Victorian to show us what they see when they look at our city., in partnership with Street Level Espresso, is handing out 100 disposable film cameras and asking "What does made in Victoria mean to you?"

The cameras are available at Street Level Espresso February 5th starting at noon. On the camera you'll find a number on the bottom and place for your email address on the back. Each participant will have 27 frames to interpret and photograph what "Made in Victoria" means to them. When the cameras are full they can be dropped back at Street Level Espresso. After the cameras are returned, the photos will be processed and posted here. Photos will be sorted by the number on each camera and participants will have the opportunity to comment on their photos after they are posted online. There are 100 cameras available on a first-come, first-served basis with a limit of 1 camera per person. We are encouraging everyone draw and colour on the cameras label, just be sure to leave room for your email address on them too. Please return your camera by the end of February, the sooner we get them back, the sooner we can post them.

  1. First things first, get your camera from Street Level Espresso. While you're there don't forget to get a coffee too.
  2. Start taking photos. We're asking you to interpret and photograph "Made in Victoria".
  3. Keep taking photos until there is no room left on the camera.
  4. Now that your camera is full, bring it back to Street Level Espresso.

After the cameras are returned they will be processed and the photos will be posted here on Each camera has a number on the bottom and the photos will be posted in galleries by camera number. Write your email address on the camera (theres a space on the back), if you do, we will get in touch a couple days before the photos are posted. Once they are online you'll have the opportunity to write something about your photos.

The cameras have a white label, while we love a minimal design and lots of whitespace that isn't why the cameras are white. We choose to have a plain white label on all of our cameras so that you can draw, colour, sign, tag, paint, and personalize your camera how ever you would like. If you choose to colour your camera the label will be saved, photographed and posted with your photos.

We’re defining “Things” in this statement as:

  • a special situation; "it is a remarkable thing"
  • an action; "how could you do such a thing?"
  • a special abstraction; "a thing of the spirit"; "things of the heart"
  • an artifact; "how does this thing work?"
  • an event; "a funny thing happened on the way to the..."
  • a statement regarded as an object; "to say the same thing in other terms"
  • an entity that is not named specifically; "I couldn't tell what the thing was"
  • any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence; "the thing I like about her is ..."
  • a special objective; "the thing is to stay in bounds"
  • a persistent illogical feeling of desire or aversion; "he has a thing about seafood"; "she has a thing about him"
  • a separate and self-contained entity