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Troy Lovegates Limited Edtion Linoprint Book

Anteism is proud to release "Stolen Land" a folio book of beautiful linoprints by artist OTHER / Troy Lovegates

The book is best explained by the artist himself.

" 2 years ago I received a grant from the Canadian Council for the Arts to create a book of linoleum prints about the rusty old freight train yards of Canada, the inhabitants, the vacancy, the vagrancy, the silence…..

Finally I present to you ”Stolen Land” by Troy Lovegates a.k.a Other, which comprises 100 limited edition handmade books.

Each book contains 14 hand-carved linoleum prints about trains that have been hand-printed on 100% cotton archival paper (Arches or Somerset). The book is bound with 13”x13” archival envelopes and within each envelope is a loose print. It is a collector’s edition so you may either hang the print or, of course, keep it within the book.

The linoleum from which the paper prints were made in a reductive manner: meaning that when a new layer of the linoleum is cut it is actually carved out of the previous layer. Therefore it is impossible to make further prints of these images since the linoleum was destroyed as the prints were created.

Although there are 14 pages (prints) in each book, there were 20 different prints made for this project. For 7 of the images, less than 100 prints were made. In fact some images are quite rare with 14 to 39 prints made, depending on how many of the images came out with my wooden spoon. Each book will contain 3 images (prints) of which fewer than 100 prints were successfully made.

The book itself is bound in many different colours and each of the end pages has different images of trains on them as well as stamps of my drawings on the envelopes and other treats."

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