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Ruins in Process - Vancouver Art in the 60's


Ruins In Process is a research archive and educational resource that brings together still and moving images, ephemera, essays and interviews to explore the diverse artistic practices of Vancouver art in the 1960s and early 1970s. Drawn from private collections and archives as well as public sources, it uses the capacity of the internet as an ideal medium to present the interdisciplinary activities and technologies that emerged at that time. With hundreds of images, texts, audio and video recordings, Ruins In Process will reward repeat visits and ongoing research. Read More.

The site is really nicely designed but a bit of a pain to browse. It's navigation is awkward but it's worth sifting through. The first thing I dove into were the books and prints here are some samples from the print section.

Title: Untitled  Artist: Bodo Pfeifer  Date: 1968  Format: Print [silkscreen]  Location: Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery

Title: Screen Test  Artist: Michael Morris  Date: 1967  Format: Print