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SERISCOPE Charlotte Cynthia - Interview + Print

Charlotte Cynthia Walton I've had the good fortune of spending time with Charlotte Cynthia Walton on and off over the last 12 years. That's along time at this stage in life. And in that time frame I've never met anyone like her. She has passion unrivaled, which translates into her intricate immersive artworks. Usually where passion reigns sincerity wanes. In Charlotte's case this is far from the truth. I've recently come to a realization that the most important aspect of any art is sincerity. With passion and sincerity amazing things can happen.

Charlotte Cynthia Walton Email Interview - Friday August 15th 2008.

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As a kid did you have any outside influence that directed you towards art or did you just find yourself doing it?

My parents think for themselves, this I could not help adopting. Art was always a part of my life right from the get go when I use to draw on the walls of my house as a kid.  My room was filled with these heart characters with funky eyes and I use to kiss the inside of them with my moms lipstick for there mouthes.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an artist?

I have always been in the visual arts, singing, performing, dancing, acting, but the visual I found the most challenging.  I went through a period of time when I was 17 when I kept calling myself an artist, it drove my dad up a wall.  I have always realized the danger of labeling yourself, but I needed to do that because I did not take my work or myself seriously enough.  It helped me discover what I loved to do every day.  Now I allow myself to just be.  That way you liberate your thinking, action and love.

Have you had a formal art education? What do you think about going to school for art?

Any way works as long as you are doing it.  Let the juices flow, and bless you for your beauty. I have had a mentor in classical oil portraiture and I have been to art school and University, but that way was not my calling. I found I worked better doing it myself at home.  I also have done some traveling and I believe that was a great teacher for my heart.

In one sentence, how would you distill your reason for making art?

First of all, art to me is a lifestyle, therefore:  I have to do it to keep my sanity.

© Charlotte Cynthia Walton - From the art show "Givers"

You put a tremendous effort into your current show "Givers" at El Kartel in Vancouver, and it shows. How do you feel after the show? Do you get that "what next" feeling or do you have plans for things to come?

I have a vision and it is so strong my body "feels" the image before I make it.  Beau (Charlotte's Partner) had me write it down before I lost it to my dreams the night I got back home.  We were about to fall asleep, but the beast had awakened.  (Giggle).  So I end up chewing on that sandwich for a while to see if the new idea is possible.

© Charlotte Cynthia Walton

What I really liked about "Givers" was that it combined all the different processes I've seen you develop over the years. From painting, to paper cut-outs, to sculpture. Do you think those three separate mediums will be incorporated as one in your future work? Like they were all stepping stones for what you will be doing.

I am sure they will.  But I love originality in basic visual media, such as drawing. So I will strive for this every time.

Do you ever feel your treated differently by male artists? Like your missing out on the "BRO" factor?

Ha ha ha ha of course, but I tend not to take notice nowadays that I don't have a penis.  I have breasts, a mind, and love to make art, I am very lucky.  I also have so many amazing guy friends, I feel like a person with the ones who are my closest friends.

© Charlotte Cynthia Walton

You spent time traveling solo through China, how did that trip affect you & your artwork?

Being fully aware of yourself allows you the freedom to explore.  To humanize with people you can not necessarily speak to. I have always had a global appreciation for the world around me.  I follow my heart and this leads to compassion.

Where would you like to go next?

Every where. India for its spirituality, but I would like to see my country too, I take it for granted. India is a calling and it has been beckoning to me for a while, and I would really like to see painted cows. Yet there are many ways to travel, I would like to go within as well, sitting in silence and reflection.

©Charlotte Cynthia Walton

Right now, if you could only see the artwork of one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

At the moment BLU, I find his work striking and provocative, yet my eyes eagerly await others work from moment to moment and love it all.  I admire his time restrictions, his ability to produce quickly and his story telling.  So dark, yet so vital.

Which do you think make good art good? Originality, concept or style? or? And, why?

Originality and craftsmanship, even if the piece is raw and made to look unmade.  Concept will develope through originality.  Style is personal taste.

What else are you interested in other than art?

Living acts of kindness. People who care, inventiveness.  Many things, robots, literature, ballet, climbing, ha ha ha this sounds so resume!

What do you do to pay the bills? Does it affect your art? What’s your dream job?

I sell my work and I serve seniors food at the moment.  Yes you can get paid for this. Life is my masterpiece.  As long as I have the ability to do what I want with great health, then traveling and making art with others around the world would be ideal.  I already do this and am working on developing it furthermore.

Charlotte Cynthia Walton's - IMYGRATE Character

What is your most beloved object?

I do not believe in material possesions, yet I use them to do the things I love.  My computer allows me to contact people I might not have otherwise had access to 10 years ago, so this tool has been quite useful.  I also enjoy my oven because I love to bake things for friends and my lover.

What’s one thing you have learned as an artist that you could share with other artists?

Do not be so critical, you can be your worst enemy and you need to love yourself deeply not hurt your self with over analysis.  I have allowed my self to grow by letting go of a lot of self doubt. As well everything you have learned can be relearned so you can reinvent the way you truly want to live your life.  Risk everything, and follow your heart.  Be kind to others on their path and be around people who love, and live it.

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SERISCOPE Charlotte Cynthia - Limited Edition Screen Print

SERISCOPE has produced a very limited edition screen-print of Charlotte Cynthia Waltons artwork. This print is titled "Father & Daughter".  The drawings in this print were created while Charlotte was traveling China. These drawings were then reworked to produce this print. Prints 1-13 are now available for purchase for $30.  After the first half of the edition sells the price of the prints (14-25)  will increase to $50.

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Charlotte has also produced a beautiful book with Islands Fold called "The Pawns Queen"