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Sound & Vision II - Original Scores to Silent Films

Original musical scores played to classic silent films.

A spirited evening of silent classics with live accompaniment by local artists including Run Chico Run, David P. Smith, Dan Wisenburger, Ryan Beattie, Forestry, the Old Hand & Diamond, Clepoatra & the Nile, Lily Fawn, the High Arctic and many more.

SILENT SHORTS - 7:00pm A series of silent shorts and vignettes by Chaplin, Melies, Edison, Lloyd and more, punctuated by dynamic original scores.

Run Chico Run - "Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon)" • Georges Melies • 1902 David P. Smith - "Anemic Cinema" • Marcel Duchamp • 1926 Joey MacDonald - "Safety Last" • Harold Lloyd • 1923 Cleopatra & the Nile - "Ghosts Before Breakfast" • Hans Richter • 1928 Blake Enemark, Peter Gardner & Danny Costello - "The Man Who Laughs" • Paul Leni • 1928 Lily Fawn - "Deer Season" • 1939 Dan Wisenburger - TBA Ryan Beattie & Myke Hall - TBA

SILENT FEATURE - "FAUST" FW Marnau • 1926 • 116 mins.

Enormously imaginative and epic in its scope, Faust is the archetype of all fantasy films and a beautiful rendering of Goethe's tale of God and Satan's wager over the fate of Dr. Faustus. Original score performed by ensemble featuring Jay Morritt, Matt Skillings, Thomas Shields, Joey MacDonald, Kalev Mikhel Kaup, Scott Henderson, Joel Fernandez, Blake Enemark, Andy Vanier and more.

Advance tickets $8 / $7 for students, seniors & Cinemagic members at Ditch Records. $10/$8 at the door.