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Dean Garlick's The Fish @ Drawn & Quarterly

Come for an evening of wine, music and reading at the Drawn and Quarterly to launch The Fish, the new illustrated novel by Dean Garlick (illustrations by Erik Volet), published by Anteism. Musical guests include Erin Lang and the Foundlings, along with myself, singing two songs from the book. I look forward to seeing all who can attend!

About the book: Patrick Kaye thinks he?s taking a harmless Caribbean cruise, a well-earned escape from his day-to-day life as an addictions counsellor. What he gets instead is a near-death experience that lands him in the belly of a mythological beast?the very same creature that swallowed Jonah. Inside, he encounters a confounding world populated by a host of colourful residents: a 19th-century British gentleman, a pre-Christian Icelandic shaman, a survivor of the biblical flood, a Ukrainian prostitute, an Asian American stock market analyst, a Maori warrior and a sadistic little girl, to list a few. The Fish explores currents of contemporary existence in a realm where the brutality of history is ever-present and the will to exist is the only thing keeping a person from fading into nothingness. Can Patrick accept this new reality? Can he right the wrongs he sees around him? Or will the call of the outside world offer enough hope to send him searching for a way home? The Fish is lavishly illustrated with engaging B&W illustrations by artist Erik Volet.

About the Author: Dean Garlick is an educator and writer living in Montreal. Fantastical permutations of reality abound in his work as a response to his characters' frustrations with the absurdity and struggle of everyday existence, but they have nothing whatsoever to do with his real life. Nothing. He is excited by the possibilities presented by illustrated fiction, especially the potential to explore multiple, non-parallel modes of narrative within a single piece.

Sound & Vision II - Original Scores to Silent Films

Original musical scores played to classic silent films.

A spirited evening of silent classics with live accompaniment by local artists including Run Chico Run, David P. Smith, Dan Wisenburger, Ryan Beattie, Forestry, the Old Hand & Diamond, Clepoatra & the Nile, Lily Fawn, the High Arctic and many more.

SILENT SHORTS - 7:00pm A series of silent shorts and vignettes by Chaplin, Melies, Edison, Lloyd and more, punctuated by dynamic original scores.

Run Chico Run - "Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon)" • Georges Melies • 1902 David P. Smith - "Anemic Cinema" • Marcel Duchamp • 1926 Joey MacDonald - "Safety Last" • Harold Lloyd • 1923 Cleopatra & the Nile - "Ghosts Before Breakfast" • Hans Richter • 1928 Blake Enemark, Peter Gardner & Danny Costello - "The Man Who Laughs" • Paul Leni • 1928 Lily Fawn - "Deer Season" • 1939 Dan Wisenburger - TBA Ryan Beattie & Myke Hall - TBA

SILENT FEATURE - "FAUST" FW Marnau • 1926 • 116 mins.

Enormously imaginative and epic in its scope, Faust is the archetype of all fantasy films and a beautiful rendering of Goethe's tale of God and Satan's wager over the fate of Dr. Faustus. Original score performed by ensemble featuring Jay Morritt, Matt Skillings, Thomas Shields, Joey MacDonald, Kalev Mikhel Kaup, Scott Henderson, Joel Fernandez, Blake Enemark, Andy Vanier and more.

Advance tickets $8 / $7 for students, seniors & Cinemagic members at Ditch Records. $10/$8 at the door.

Matthew Herbert - There's You and There's Me

I don't post music on Anteism very often but I could not help but share this gem. This album is not just music. It's more than the sum of the notes you can hear in the recording. Matthew Herbert's album "There's You and There's Me" is so powerful because of the amazing connections between the music, location of recordings and what's happening behind the sound curtain.

"Matthew Herbert's dazzling new album There's Me and There's You is the most seductive, sophisticated and subversive collection of protest songs ever recorded. Blending lush jazz instrumentation, soulful vocals, fascinating rhythms and a secret underground arsenal of outlandish samples, it marks Herbert's second collaboration with his big band. Effortlessly wrapping deluxe avant-jazz arrangements around polemical lyrics and artfully selected noises, the album's dominant theme is power and its abuses in the 21st century. The album's dense mix of audacious samples includes the sound of 70 condoms being scraped along the floor of the British Museum, a match being struck in the House of Parliament, one of 100 nails being hammered into a coffin, vocals recorded at a landfill and a McDonald's, and 100 credit cards being cut up, among other things. Recorded with a vast community of musicians and participants, There's Me and Then There's You has a declaration on the cover signed by all parties involved: "We, the undersigned, believe that musical can still be a political force of note and not just the soundtrack to over-consumption.

The overall theme of There's Me, and There's You is the use and abuse of power in the 21st century, whether that power resides in the church ("Pontificate"), the media ("The Story"), greed ("Rich Man's Prayer"), monarchy ("Regina") or the various power sources affecting concerns such as climate change and consumerism. But these individual critiques are slyly pitched to insinuate themselves imperceptibly through arrangements echoing musical theatre, cartoon music and brassy jazz, in contrast to the hectoring tone which turns so many away from the standard folk-protest mode of political music."

Brain Trust - Peter Thompson & Thesis

I'm excited to announce an upcoming book Anteism is working on with Peter Thompson and Thesis (James Kirkpatrick). The book is titled "Brain Trust" and will showcase the collaborative drawings Peter and James have been working on for years. The book will be available mid September, in an edition of only 350 copies. Each copy will contain a signed screen-print. Get em' while they last.

View some of the duo's collab work on Peter's Flikr Page * Check out Jame's Myspace page ( Thesis Sahib ) for a few good tunes. If your into Subtle you gotta take a listen.