Anteism is a Canadian publisher working with galleries and artists to produce unique art books. Our blog showcases the books we produce and the artist books we love!

The Vancouver Art Book Fair - VA/BF

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Anteism will be at the second annual Vancouver Art/Book Fair, a two-day festival that features nearly one hundred local, national and international publishers of art books, magazines, zines, printed ephemera and digital or other experimental forms of publication, as well as on-site programs, performances and installations. 

Free and open to the public, VA/BF is the only international art book fair in Canada and one of only two on the West Coast. 

Launching with a Reception at Project Space at 8pm on Friday, October 4, 2013, VA/BF will take place from 12pm to 5pm on October 5 and 6 at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

We are so happy to see this event happening in Vancouver. It filled a huge void on the West Coast. Come witness the early stages of an already blossoming world class art book fair. The first 250 people each day get a free tote bag! Come early. 


James Kirkpatrick - Blue Lineage Edition

The Blue Lineage has begun.

We are excited to release the first book in a new series called Lineage. The Lineage book series showcases artists in their work and daily environment. The photographic heavy publication will shed light on the artists process and way of life while producing a body of work. Utilizing snapshots, sketches, and snippets all mixed in with artworks in process.  Once a book is complete, the artist then chooses the next artist in the series.

James Kirkpatrick - Lineage Edition - Blue #1

James Kirkpatrick - Lineage Edition - Blue #1

We have chosen James Kirkpatrick as the first artist in the Lineage series. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with Kirkpatrick and have published a book and multiple zines  Brain Trust and A Dog Named Dracula ). His experimental works in sculpture and circuit bending are the vein which connects the two vital organs in his creative endeavours, art and music. We are very happy to share a glimpse into the process of Kirkpatrick's life + work. View the Book.

Kirkpatrick in studio - Early stages of an inflatable sculpture. Spread from Lineage Edition - Blue #1

Kirkpatrick in studio - Early stages of an inflatable sculpture. Spread from Lineage Edition - Blue #1