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Universal Nomads | T-shirts and Toys

Prepare yourself for the Universal Nomads. Zane Kozak and company have released a bunch of awesome t-shirts at this years Taipei Toy Festival and have a sneak peak of a new design for a toy, "The LumberNaut".

Magna-Gons from Universal Nomads on Vimeo.

Universal Nomads is a new Brand dimension, engineered to withstand the force of time and space. With an atomic eye for detail, we strive to offer the very best in Quality and Durability. Artistically crafted according to the advanced poly-faceted ethics of the future, we bring to you the style and sensibility of Tomorrow, Today! In accordance with the Ten Laws of Paradox, items such as our very popular Holographic Video Pants and Revolving Time Loop Shades are not offered in this current Time Period. Though it is for your own safety. Trust us, a temporal paradox can get rather nasty!) Universal Gear built with the rugged Universal Traveler in mind. For you now and your future. Happy trails.

Universal Nomads was founded by the EST.9089 Art Collective. We are a loose knit band of unruly designers and dimension painters. Now banned in 7 of 10 liveable planes of reality, for committing supposed art crimes. Refusing our sentence of death at the hands of the vile Lords of Art. We have slipped their diamond vice grasp and escaped through the maintenance hatch of time. On the run and heading backwards in time since the year 9089, we are relentlessly hounded by the deadliest of Assassinatrix Programs. Dodging its harsh Critique algorithms at every bend in reality. We are EST.9089, fugitives of fate. We join you now, in this time. May these good times have no bounds.

UN Reel from Universal Nomads on Vimeo.