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Us Ones In Between Show & Book

Print Proof for the "Us Ones In Between" title page

Us Ones In Between Book

Anteism had the pleasure to work with Open Space and the artists of Us Ones in Between to produce a wicked little show catalog. The book is the size of a cd (5"x5") and is 60 pages of full colour artwork along with artist info, foreward by curator Nicholas Robins and an essay by Marlaina Buch.

Excerpt from essay by Marlaina Buch "The basis of relationship between Cameron, Ty, Cody, Caitlin, Erik, Brooke, Eden and Liam is assorted, both personally and artistically. Some of these artists are securely bracketed together: welded through late-night missions, long conversations, law-bending adventures and drawing sessions among friends, roommates, co-workers, lovers and peers, variously. Others fit together more tenuously, orbiting socially, waving from the periphery. Formal similarities come as a kind of psychic bleed or “’dig-able” quality rather than stylistic correspondence. Interpretations of romanticism, psychedelia, graffiti and craft braid into a new generation of artists influenced by the West Coast beat / hippy / lowbrow / funk / folk / street / tattoo art explosion of the 60s and 70s."

Check out the show and book down at Open Space from now until August 1st. We will also have the books available online shortly through the Anteism shop.

Us Ones In Between Opens 8pm Friday, July 3 To August 1 (Artist panel discussion 8pm Tuesday, July 7) Open Space, 510 Fort 250-383-8833 • Us Ones In Between also has it's own website.

Below is a review of the show by local newspaper Monday Magazine.

Fitting in Between

After several years of short-run shows in private spaces (think theMAKE, The Feast and last year’s Abracadabra), fans of Victoria’s vibrant, up-and-coming visual arts scene have the opportunity to see their favourite local artists—folks like Brooke Semple, Liam Hanna-Lloyd and Ty Danylchuk—display their works in a month-long exhibition at Open Space.

“I think it’s what we’ve always wanted, we’ve just never been able to afford it,” says Nicholas Robins, curator of Us Ones In Between. “The great thing about working finally in the capital ‘A’ arts world is there’s funding, so the artists get paid this time. They don’t lose money and we don’t have to charge people at the door to come into our art show. It instantly changes the way it’s going to be experienced.”

Read the rest of the article on the Monday Magazine website.

Cody Haight's Artwork from the Us Ones In Between Book